Michael Palascak - Aced That Interview

Michael Palascak Season 1, Ep 2 05/11/2012 Views: 2,017

Michael Palascak recalls his college girlfriend's criminal behavior and describes his job-less existence after graduating. (1:11)

I had a girlfriend in college.I liked her a lot.

I remember on our first date

when we were leavingthe restaurant,

she showed methat she had stolen

the two glassesfrom the restaurant.

I was like,"We're going out again."

"We're going to Best Buy."

"Right now,put on some cargo pants.

We're going Christmas shoppingfor my parents."

"Yeah, Oliver Twists..."

It's weird dating someonein school, though,

'cause you graduate,and sometimes

you go your separate waysfor jobs or whatever.

Like, I got a job living at homewith my parents, and, uh...

I aced that interview.

I was like, "I'm your son, andI don't have a place to live.

"Help me move thisPac-Man video game machine

into the dining room."

It's really heavy.

"Michael, that's not goingin the dining room."

"Whatever, that's where we eat.That's where he eats."


(applause and cheering)