Cameron Esposito - Jelly Doughnuts & Useless Periods - Uncensored

The One with the Replacement Hosts Season 2, Ep 1 06/30/2015 Views: 1,768

Cameron Esposito gives the audience a snack to munch on while she talks about the true grossness of her useless period. (2:04)

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I actually don't feelcomfortable continuingthe show...

without you guys havinga little bit to eat.

Is that-- would thatfeel good for you?

I just feel like, is there any--can anybody on the show--

If there's anything that youguys can find, like a cookie.

Just literally anything,if there's soup, just loosesoup poured in their hands.

Just whatever, okay, wait,what is that?

What do you guys have?Doughnuts.

Oh, doughnuts, okay,great, yeah, great.I'll just actually--

That's wonderful. There you go.

You get two of them.

If there's like an extra,I'll take it, you know, for--

Oh, you want to give me half?Great. Thank you.

Did you bite this?I did not.

Can you?Go for it!

You guys, I'm not gonnamake any promises to you.

I'm not gonna promisethat I'm gonna have a baby.

But I want you to know,that if I do...

at least, for oncein my goddamn life...

my period would not becompletely fucking uselessto me.

Yeah, because, you guys, I havenever had a pregnancy scare.

So it's never beena relief to get it.

And now when I said "period",there were possibly someof you...

that got a little weirded out,especially the gentlemen.

"Oh, disgusting!"

Well, I don't believe you'veever had an honest conversationwith a woman.

Yeah, because if you thinkperiods are disgusting...

you have no idea... howdisgusting periods actually are.

I wake up in the nightand I am bleeding a crime scene!

Into my bed!

And no one else is around,I gotta get up and process it.

I gotta take it, put itin plastic bags...

and send it to the lab and seewho did it, and it's always me!

I'm the victim and theperpetrator every time!