Uncensored - Behind the Scenes - Dan St. Germain - Post-Show Interactions

Dan St. Germain Season 2, Ep 5 05/17/2013 Views: 3,465

Dan St. Germain offers an exclusive peek into his pre-show rituals and gives up on his dream of blonde fans with fake breasts. (1:51)

Please welcome Dan St. Germain!

How do I know it's goingto be a good crowd?

All white.

Every time.

I'm just fucking with you.

It's like, guys, we couldbe tits or asses guys.

That's pretty sweet, right?

Women don't have that.

Like, you can't be adick or a balls girl.

That doesn't work.

She said, "both."

You got a winner, buddy.

My pre-show ritual.

I always-- I alwayshave this hat on,

which makes me,uh, look like, uh,

like a Unabomber Penny Marshall.



The worst I show Iever did, I was--

I did a Mumford andSons show after party.

And I had to followtwo hours of reggae.

And they just pulled theplug from the reggae,

and they were like, all right,next up, Dan St. Germain.

And I got up.

And everyone just goes, aww man!

Bombed horribly.

It ended with me going,"fuck you, motherfuckers.

I hope you die in a fire."

I'm gon' make your buttholelook like Seal's cheeks!

As far as post-showinteractions go,

you have this idea that onceyou get to a certain point

as a comic, that it's goingto be like the end of a Poison

show, and, like, there's justgoing to be a bunch of girls

with blonde hair and faketits coming up to you.

But it's always-- that'snot who comedian fans are.

It's always, you know, the guywho's afraid of loud noises.

You know.

Who's, like, web-footed.

And he comes up to youand he's like, hey man,

you were really funny!

I hate my mom, too!

You wanna come backand see my trains?

If I press my ear to thereceiver close enough,

I can't hear your fear.


Family member was toview my half hour?

My grandma would belike, more dick jokes!

Just joking.

She's been deadfor like 20 years.