A Taiwanese Politician Gets a Stripper Send-Off

January 10, 2017 - Aasif Mandvi 01/10/2017 Views: 13,158

The family of a recently deceased Taiwanese politician honors his dying wish by filling his funeral procession with exotic dancers. (1:50)

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Speakingof unfortunate events...

NEWSMAN: A recently deceased politician's final wishes

were honored with a lavish funeral procession

that included, of all things, pole dancers.

50 exotic dancers performed on top of multicolored vehicles

during the procession for Tung Hsiang,

a former city council speaker in Taiwan.

According to local media, the politician had described

his funeral wishes to family

in the final days before he died.


Just, can you look at that?

It looks like the opening scene

for the porn versionof La La Land.


What is that?

But I will say this,

you've got to givethose pole-bearers some credit.

It's not easy to twerkto "Amazing Grace."

-(laughter)-This is a funeral, you know?

"Amazing Grace,"which is probably also the names

of one of the strippers,you know?

Like, "Up next,we have the Amazing Grace!

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,

Crystal to the main stage fora little girl-on-girl mourning!"

(imitating trumpet blowing)

Who has this at their funeral?

And who are youas his family members,

who are like,"We have to honor..."

No, you don't have to honorhis dying wishes.

If I say when I die,"Please have 50 strippers

dancing on top of roofs," belike, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,

go to sleep, go to sleep.Go to sleep."

Imagine how awkwardthat's gonna be,

everyone at the funeral...♪ Amazing grace...

And then the stripper walks inand is like...

♪ How sweet the sound...

(cheering, applause)

♪ That saved

♪ A wretch...

(cheering, whistling)

That is gonna be so awkward.

(sobbing):I'm gonna miss him.


All right, let's move on,let's move on.

In ten days, people,Donald Trump will be inaugurated

as the first emperorof the United States.

And by the way, if Trump seesthat video of the funeral,

best believe his inauguration'salso gonna have

a stripper motorcade.

He'll be like, "Of coursethey're not wearing anything.

"All the dress shopsare sold out.

"They're sold out.

That's whythey're naked, folks."

(applause, whooping)