The Vikings

Season 1 , Ep 102 06/15/12 Views: 1,378

Out of all the invasions in history, the Vikings coming to Ireland is David O'Doherty's favorite. (0:47)

It's a very easy countryto invade.

It's quite small and the peopleare quite friendly.

Initially,we don't mind that much.

I think my favorite invasionis definitely the Vikings,

though, because they came inthe ninth and the tenth century,

and they raped and the pillagedand the wrecked the place.

And they're so unlikeany Danish or Swedish

or Norwegian peopleI have ever met today.

It's like they must havejust woken up one morning

and gone, "Hey, you know,

"let's not rapeand pillage anymore.

Let's invent the Lego."

"Let's open

IKEA shops around the world."

In fact,the original Viking longships