Anthony Jeselnik - Mother's Intervention

Anthony Jeselnik: Caligula Season 1, Ep 1 01/13/2013 Views: 18,632

After acknowledging that being a mother is a tough job, Anthony Jeselnik reveals some of his own mom's flaws. (1:15)

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that being a motherseems like

one of the toughest jobsin the world.

Like, literally,right below comedian.

[ Laughter ]

So, to me, if a motherdoes her best,

then, in my book,she's a good mom, all right?

Now, my momdid her very best.

Unfortunately,she was also a terrible person.

Like, my mom, for most ofher life -- and this is true --

my mom, for most of her life,was a Holocaust denier.

Does everybody knowwhat that means?

[ Laughter ]

It means she couldn't believethe Holocaust happened.

It's, like,the worst thing you can be.

And it was terrible

for the entire familyto have to deal with

until, finally,a couple years ago,

we had an intervention.

And we had a rabbicome into the home,

had him walk her through thehistory of the Jewish people,

and then he made her watch"Schindler's List."

And after that,my mom did a complete 180.

Now she can't believeit only happened once.

[ Laughter ]