Jeff Ross - Getting to Know the Neighborhood

Jeff Ross Roasts Cops Season 1, Ep 1 09/11/2016 Views: 9,939

A woman hanging out with her neighbors in Boston tells a police officer why she doesn't trust cops, then seizes the opportunity to promote her mix tape. (1:22)

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You have cops hassle you?

- Definitely.- Every day we get hassled.

- Frisk you?- Every day.

- It's not about the hasslingor the frisking,

it's the mentality you walkout of your house with.

- I would rather bein street clothes.

I'd rather be in sneakersso I could run faster.

When I go into a situation,it's already a negative vibe

and I may need to bea little bit more brass

because I'm a femaleor, you know,

I'm walking into a situationwith six guys.

I need to kind of havemy chest out.

I'm not gonna be your friendoff the bat.

- How you doing?Hi, Minnie. Kerrie.

- 'Sup?

- Have you ever meta cop before? Like that?

- Not like this, right?- Yeah, I guess.

- How do I feelabout cops in general?

- Yeah.

- I don't like y'all,no, honestly,

that's just my honest opinion.

- How come?A lot of people say that.

- Because, no honestly,my baby's father,

he'll walk to the corner, right?

He was at the corner

picking up my daughterfrom the bus,

and the cops jacked him,for what?

- Can't answer that.

I wasn't there.I wasn't there.

- Of course.That's what I'm saying.

Like, it's 'cause he was black.

We in the hood.This the projects, you know?

- Mm-hmm.- Nobody has a chance.

- What could change?What would have to happen--

- The police attitude.

They got bad attitudesand shit.

They real stereotypical,they real judgmental.

You know, they'll see somebodyand assume that they like this

because of the way they dressor the way they walk

or talk and somethinglike that, you know?

I want y'all to downloadmy mixtape.


- That was quite a plugfor your mixtape.

And I want to try speed-roastingvolunteers from the audience.