#LetLizSpeak - Historical Burns Too Hot for the Senate

Wednesday, February 8, 2017 02/08/2017 Views: 194

In response to the Senate's vote to silence Elizabeth Warren for allegedly impugning Jeff Sessions, comics Paul Feig, Nick Swardson and Jen Kirkman call out other politicians. (2:27)

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Looks like the Senate Democratsare going to Liz War!

During the debate overKeebler elf Jeff Sessions,

-who was just confirmed...-(laughter)

Same guy.

-Prove me wrong.-(applause and cheering)

...was just confirmedas attorney general today.

America's Aunt Elizabeth Warrenread a 30-year-old letter

by Coretta Scott Kingdenouncing Sessions.

-But apparently,that historic... -MAN: Great!

Yeah, apparently,that historical...

I know. Like, two people,

-and the rest of themare like, "Aah." -(laughter)

-"I mean, I coulddo this, but..." -(laughter)

Apparently, that historical burnwas too hot for the Senate.

Republicans claimed she was"impugning another Senator"

and silenced her.

People like Betsy DeVoschimed in with,

-"What does 'impugn' mean?"-(laughter and groaning)

-So... Warren...-(applause and cheering)

-Yeah!-HARDWICK: Yeah.

-Take 'em down!-Yeah.

So, Warren went outside,read the letter live

on Facebook Live,right between a live feed of

a dude's trip to the DMV

and probably a video of achinchilla licking its balls.

-(laughter)-Twitter immediately

exploded with the hashtags#ShePersisted,

#LetLizSpeak and #LetLizTalk,because they support

a woman's rightto choose everything

-except for one hashtag.-(laughter)

By the way, I don't knowhow they missed the hashtag

#LizLemonParty.That would of been great.

-(laughter) -But you know why?'Cause she's... -Yeah!

-Yeah! -Because it's a...-(applause and cheering)

You have to lookat what's happened.

She's interruptinga room full of old white guys

jerking each other off.I mean, it fits so perfectly.

-(laughter)-JEN KIRKMAN: Ah.

And thanks to all the publicity,

her Facebook Livegot over seven million views,

instead of the sevenit would have gotten on C-SPAN.

-(laughter) -Includingher three grandkids. Now,

all this startedbecause Elizabeth Warren

was supposedly mean to Sessions,but, comedians...

(whining):She was all mean to Sessions!

But we're not boundby decorum here on @midnight.

We're not on the Senate floor,so go ahead, impugn

-a politician! Anyone?-Yeah.

-Jen Kirkman.-Okay.

Donald Trump is so dumb

that he calleda retired lieutenant

at 3:00 in the morning'cause he didn't know

if the dollar was strong,and then, when the guy was like,

"That's not my area,"he got mad and hung up.


-Points.-But he actually did that!

-(applause)-That's not a joke. -Yeah.

-He actually did that.-HARDWICK: Want to know if I...

-(applause and cheering)-Is it still okay to give you

points, 'cause that...you didn't make that up?

Nick Swardson.

Bernie Sanders went as a scrotumfor Halloween and no makeup.

-(laughter and groaning)-HARDWICK: Points.


-Paul Feig.-Mike Pence is gay.