Putting Things in Perspective

What Nose Up... Must Come Down Season 1, Ep 7 12/23/2013 Views: 554

Brody volunteers at a soup kitchen and comes to a realization about his own life. (2:27)

The volunteering hopefullywill make me feel better,but it's not about me.

It's about helping others.

Okay, tell me where to go.

I've got my gloves on,I know how to serve food.

They all get coffee andwhatever they ask for, okay.

BRODY (O.S.): Morning, guys!Morning!

Now how do I do this?

Put the tray here.With the tray...

How's the food? It's good?Everyone having a good morning?

I'm here to bring some energy,some fun.

Who here is from Los Angeles,born and bred?

Where in LA?

Boyle Heights, I'vebeen to Boyle Heights...

looking for my car stereo.I'd like it back.

I'm joking, guys, I do comedy.

Anybody want a smoothie?

Klonopin, am I right?

Yes, it is.I got it.

I'm not-- I'm not doinga good time on this one.

I'm-- this is not one of mybetter tables.

This is... strong.

How do you-- why do youlaugh so much? I love it.

I just told you,I just take it easy.

I don't worry about nothing.

No depression?

I don't take no medication,that's why I happy every day.

You think I needto take my meds?


I'm from LA,I'm from the Valley.

818 'til I die.

I'm helping out,I'm volunteering.

I used to be depressed.

Because I went off my meds coldturkey, and I had an episode.

And then whatevercomes up, comes down.

And that's what happened to me.

So my buddy said, "Why don't youvolunteer and give back."

I said I'd do it.



I gotta stop beingsorry for myself.

I don't have it so bad.

These people, they didn'thave a place to go.

They don't have the luxuryto pick and choose wherethey're gonna be.

I mean, they pump me up.

Go, Lexie, go.

So the fact that I had thatopportunity to do that...

and volunteering and meetingthese people, it definitely--

You'll put things inperspective.

Ha! Go! Mexico!

I got a lot of thingsgoing on for me.