Uncensored - Carlos Mencia - Ghetto Carlos

Carlos Mencia: New Territory Season 1, Ep 1 12/04/2011 Views: 14,087

For every joke that Carlos Mencia tells, there are three much more offensive ones that he doesn't share. (1:22)

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and they're like,

"Man, you go too farwith this stuff."

I just want youto understand

that I really do tryto censor myself,

that for every joke I do

where you peoplethink I went too far,

I swear to God on my son Luke

there are at leastthree more jokes in my head

that I would never tell you.

The problem with meis I grew up in East L.A.

And what peopledon't understand

is when you grow upin the projects,

simple thingsare life and death.

If somebody comes upto you and says,

"Hey, man, where you from?"you answer that question.

Not where I grew up,

'cause if you answerthe wrong question,

you might bein Arizona territory

or White Fence territoryor the Rock territory.

You don't know who that is,so you got to swell up.

You got to be ghetto.You got to be badass.

So, when somebody came up to meand said, "Where you from?"

"Where you from, puto?Fuck you. You got a problem?

"Let's do it, cabron. Afuera.

"But don't be talking shitunless you're ready

to fuckin' throw down, bitch."

And by the way,

do you see how all the ghettopeople are like, "Yeah"?

And that's my problem.

I live in Encino.I don't need that crap anymore.

The problem is,I still have it in me,

and I hate that guy.

"Ghetto Carlos" gets mein trouble all the time.

I don't like him.