Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse - Trump's "Thank You" Victory Tour

December 5, 2016 - Van Jones 12/05/2016 Views: 58,846

Jordan Klepper heads to the first stop on Donald Trump's post-election tour, where the president-elect is holding campaign-style rallies in the states he won. (4:19)

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Now, last Friday,Donald Trump took an afternoon

out of his busy tweetingschedule to attend a rally

in Ohio, the purpose of whichwas, honestly, I have no idea.

But we sent Jordan Klepperto find out.

KLEPPER: Not even a month since the campaign ended

with victory, Donald Trump was getting the band

back together again for... something.

REPORTER: The president-elect, planning to visit those states

that helped him secure a win for the White House.

-A Trump victory tour.-...the victory tour.

RACHEL MADDOW: Now they tell us they want us to call it

a "thank you" tour.

I... They're calling ita victory tour.

I mean, I don't thinkwe've ever seen that before.

They're calling ita "thank you" tour.

KLEPPER: Right, no one in the media

or Trump's camp seems to know exactly

what this event is,

so I went to Cincinnati to find out.

-What is this? -Uh, well,you know what, we got a bunch

of people who are really excitedabout Trump. They said

we're gonna get tiredof winning. We're not tired.

He wants to let the people knowthat things are still going on,

the stuff that he was stillcampaigning about...

he's still going on.I mean, it's... It's-it...

It's almost as if he doesn'tknow when the campaign ends.

-That's right.-What is it again? It's...

Victory tour. It's a victorytour, take another lap, right?

Yeah, take another lap.Might as... Why not?

How many of these ralliesdo you think you'll see

-in the first hundred days?-I'm gonna go with 15.

-It's like the never-endingtour. -The never-ending tour.

It la... We don'thave to do any more

-if we can just partyall-all the time. -All day.

-All day long. All day long.-All day long.


Somebody's gonnahave to run the-the country.

Yeah, well...

Just think, Tru...the Trumpster is our president.

From Apprentice to president.I love T... I love Trump.

It's incredible, right?

Makes you wantto blow your brains out,

it's just so mind-boggling.

Neck Jesus was right-- this was a hell of a bash.

While Trump has changed his tune on things like

locking up Hillary and draining the swamp,

these people were partying like it was October 2016.

They had their signs and their background dabs

and they knew the lyrics to all the hits.

-We're ready, we're ready.-Yeah, b... build the wall?

-Build a wall, drain the swamp.-Lock her up?

We're gonna lock her up,of course, of course. Uh...

Now, some people are sayingshe's a good person,

-shouldn't be prosecuted.-Well, they're liars.

Well, that personis Donald Trump.

Drain that swamp!

At least we know Donald Trump'snot gonna stand for having

Hillary's elitistNew York bankers

-anywhere near the government.-Exactly. None of the (bleep).

Except for bringing insome billionaire bankers.

-It's gonna happen, it's gonnahappen. -Yeah, sure, sure.

-So, some of that (bleep).-Sure.

So, a Goldman Sachs guy--I mean, that is the swamp

-we want to drain.-Sure.

-But also make secretaryof the treasury. -Oh, yeah.

The swamp will be drained.Now, he does have a couple

people like Steve Mnuchin,who was at Goldman Sachs.

-You got to fill the swamp in...-Yeah, w... There's parts

of the swamp, they're gonna comein, there's part-parts

of the swamp that are know.

-That's just not as catchyto say. So, yeah... -It's not,

-yeah. -Don't you wantthe most qualified person,

even though it might bea so-called, you know,

swamp member, lobbyist,or whatnot?

Is that not the best thingto do?

Somebody who'sthe most qualified for the job,

has the most experience,even if some of their background

is suspect, that's the personwho should have that job.

That's right. A common sense wayof looking at things.

That was, I think, HillaryClinton's entire platform.

The point is, instead of spending time learning

how to run the country or following through

on campaign promises, having a rally like this

just feels so good.

The bottom line is we won.

-We won. We won big.-(cheering and applause)

I love you, too.Look at this place.

Oh, you're gonna be happy.We're all gonna be happy.

And I was finally starting to see exactly what this was.

It was a big self-congratulatory

pleasure fest in the round.

This is kind of our triumph.

And so you guys wanted to,like, kind of get together

in a big circular areaand just kind of...

help each other... release

-some of the tensionand celebrate. -Yes.

-Exactly. -Yeah, yeah.It's important for you guys

to just all come togetherat the same time.

-It's a sense of community.-Yeah.

It's a circle jerk.

If you want to call it that,sure.

-Yeah, it's a circle jerk.-(chuckles)

-Well, good talking to you.-Good talking to you, too.

I... Just...

Get ready, America, your forearms are gonna be huge.