Kevin Hart - Making It in Chicago

Chicago Season 1, Ep 3 10/16/2016 Views: 1,731

Comedians Josh Johnson, Just Nesh, Calvin Evans and Erica Clark tell Kevin Hart how the Chicago stand-up scene drives comics to work hard. (2:39)

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What is different about theChicago comedy scene than anyother place that you may havebeen

to do stand-up comedy?

- I love it.It makes you tough.

- It makes you tough?- Oh, my gosh, yes.

- Okay, all right.- 'Cause we have a lot of rooms

where people don't come outfor comedy,

so, like, you gottagrab their attention.

You gotta keep it,and so you get funnier.

- A lot of makeshiftcomedy rooms.

- Oh, yeah.

- Within the circuitthat you guys are on,

is this a place whereyou're getting on stage

every day of the week?- Every night, yeah.

- I'd say I perform every night.

I try to make ita booked show,

but as far as, like,open mics,

I don't get outto too many open mics.

- Okay, why? What'syour deal with open mics?

- 'Cause our open mics arejust 50 comics in the room.

- A lot of it is likedoing magic for magicians,

'cause then you'll say somethingand it's so funny,

and they're like,"Oh, a callback, wow.

It happened."

And then you're like, "Okay,there's no point being here."

- Oh, I love your voice.Uh, give me your worst bomb.

- My worst bomb,I was in college.

I had just starteddoing comedy,

and a sorority asked me, youknow, to perform at their show.

I had been doing comedyon campus, they said, "Okay--"

- First of all, great move.Gotta take that job.

- Gotta take it, right?- Gotta take that.

- So I sat and wroteall the ideas down like,

"Man, I'm aboutto kill with this."

As I'm looking at the room,I got on stage,

and I've neverbeen looked at that long,

that hard for so long.

They were justlooking at me like...

And the thing about silenceis there's no end to it.

It's just like,"Do I leave?"

But I feel like, boo me.Like, I would rather get booed.

That way it's just like,okay, now I can leave.

- It hurts more to bombin front of people you know.

Like, I could bombin front of somebody

I've never seen beforein my life,

but if my mother's there,I will kill myself.

- If your mom saw you bomb?- Yeah, I would be so--

My family's not supportive.- Really?

- They'd be like,"We told you not to do this."

Like, they wouldn't--I don't know.

Maybe it's a Chicago thing.Like, they gonna roast me

when I get off stageif I don't do well.

They ain't gonna be like,"Oh, it's another stage."

They gonna like,"You sucked."

- But I don't think they wouldlove you if they didn't.

Family is supposed to bethe ones that,

"Hey, I don't thinkyou gonna make it."

- Yeah, if you saysomething funny,

they'd be like, "You shouldasaid that onstage."

- That's whatyou should be doing.

Yeah, you doingthe wrong stuff.

Let's talk about tonight.

What do you feel likethis could do for you,

for your career,for where you all are at now?

What are your hopes?- Tonight I just want

to make everybody laugh,maybe make some new friends.

- No, Josh.- This is not school.

What are you talking about?

This isn't the first dayof kindergarten.

- I don't know,it's just like--you know?

- Is there like a number thatyou're looking for for friends?

Like, what is the--

- I want to, you know,hit that 5,000 on Facebook.

You know, that'd be a nice--

Like, have that extra friendthat's like, "Hi."

And I'm like,"Too late, you're 5001."

They won't allow it.- You had your chance.

- So yeah, yeah, you know?

You can message me,but we can't share everything.

- Yeah, I got you.

- You know, everybodycan't make the team, you know?

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