Forty Percent Leadbelly Season 7, Ep 17 07/03/2013 Views: 14,594

With the help of a scientist and some fancy technology, Bender is able to create the guitar of his dreams. (1:25)

I can make an exact copyof this guitar.

Tell me, Dr. Beeler.

Will I need to threaten you?Not at all.

You see, nowadays we can takea unique and beautiful object,

and easily reduce it to aformula for mass production.

I call the process"science."

I'll just need to locate

that guitar imageon your file system.


Whoa, that's a lot of porn.

Where'd you storethe guitar picture?

I don't know.

I mainly hang out in here.

Ah-ha, your folk singing folder.

I'll just double-kick on that.


Got it.

Now I'll convert that guitarimage to a wire-frame model.

There, like so.

And send it wirelesslyto my 3D printer.


By laying down layer after layerof nano-plastic,

it can turn your wildest dreams

into ordinary reality.

Witchcraft! Sorcerer!


So, how longwill it take?

Four or five hours.

Shall we adjournto the porn folder?