Panel - President Obama's Perception Problem

May 3, 2016 - Quinta Brunson 05/03/2016 Views: 6,765

Quinta Brunson, Mike Yard and Robin Thede examine the reasons behind the disconnect between President Obama's accomplishments and the public's perception of his legacy. (6:12)

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Okay, so, President Obama hasbeen pushing for an appreciation

of his legacy lately, sayinghe has a perception problem.

He... Obama said...

Okay, the fact is thatin fact they have declined.

-BRUNSON: Right.-And it seems like the public

can't give a brother creditwhere credit is due,

-Mm-hmm.-is what it seems like.

So, why do you thinkthere's such a disconnect

with Obama's accomplishmentsin office?

-He's handsome.-Really?

Yeah. That's what it is.He's just handsome.

-Too charismatic?-Yeah, he's too charismatic,

He's handsome, he's got a wife,he's got kids, he's got it all--

people don't want to give himall of the credit.

-Yeah. -I mean,that is one thing that he did

that was...he should get the credit for.

But, in all fairness,there are some other things

that haven't been done, so...

-Yeah. -people areusing those against him.

So they're trying to... It lookslike he has it all together,

-so they're trying to give himsome problems? -Yeah. Yeah.

He's likethe really hot guy at school

who's also a jockwho's also good at theater--

-it's too much.-YARD: Yeah. -(laughter)

You know, I think... I thinkhe just doesn't brag enough.

You know, it's, like, GeorgeBush would put a banner up,

"Mission Accomplished."You know? It's, like...

He was like,"Heck of a job, Brownie!"

-Right. -He would justcongratulate people

before stuff was even done.

You know, and it's, like,Obama's just like,

"I... killed Osama bin Laden.What's for breakfast?"

You know what I mean?It's just, like,

you can't just move on.It's, like, "Wait-wait, what?"

-Yep. -Yeah.-You know? It's, like,

you got to get your props,you got to let people know.

Like, if I can sayone good thing about Trump--

ugh!-- it's thatthat fool knows how to brag.

He's like, "I'm the best!I'm the best at everything."

-Very true.-And people buy it.

-Yeah. That is true. -You gotto be your own best marketing...

You got to beyour own hype man sometimes.

YARD: That's whatI think Barack Obama needs.

He needs to stopwith this corny introduction.

"Ladies and gentlemen, thePresident of the United States."

-He needs to do it like Def Jam.-Yeah!

He needs to havesomebody out there like,

-(shouting):"Ladies and gentlemen, -I agree.

-"this brother here...-I agree.

-"has reduced the deficit,-(whooping, cheering)

-"killed Osama bin Laden!-(applause) -I agree.

"Give it up for your man...

-"my man...-I agree. I agree.

Barack...!"That's what he needs.

-That's what he need.-Then he comes out...

Exactly. And he needsto come out with ba...

(imitates blaring speakers)

-He needs all of that.-I think that's why Barack

-likes rap so much. It's notbecause he's black. -Yes!

It's because these rappers--they get to say everything

that he actually can't.Like, when Kendrick and them

mention his name he's like,"Hell, yeah, got one. Got one!"

-Like...-YARD: He needs a theme song.

-Let's (bleep)-- maybesomething like that. -Yeah.

-Yeah. -(bleep), yeah.-Yeah.

-That's what he did, ain't it?-I agree. Yeah. I agree.

-What-what do you think...-Google that song, guys.

-It's good. -A great song.-What do you think'll be the...

I know. What do you think'llbe viewed most favorably

from his administration?What do you think

would be viewedthe most unfavorably?

-That he was the firstblack president. -Yeah.

-You think that fact alone?-Favorably, yes.

First black president. Uh,once again, the handsome thing.

-I mean...-YARD: Somebody got a crush.

-Handsome. He's handsome.-Why don't you just marry him?

-Somebody got a crush on Barack.-He's devastatingly...

-Do you have a crush on Barack?-I got a crush on him.

Exactly, absolutely.

When he come out,sometimes I'll be all, aah!

-He's adorable. Let's be real.-He's adorable. He's adorable.

Time out-- can I justtalk about that move?

-Dudes always do that nippletwisting thing. -Yes.

A woman has never done that,by the way. For the record,

-a woman has never done that.-I... I have never said

-that a woman did it. I did it.-Oh, okay, that's fair. Anyway.

Do you think the Middle Eastis gonna be held against him

and the wars over there?

I don't think peoplereally care about that.

-I don't think so, either.-THEDE: People aren't informed.

Yeah, I was about to say,no one cares.

-Exactly. -It's not a goodthing, but people don't care.

-They have no idea what'sgoing on. -They don't know.

And trust me, it was way worse,what was going on over there

-when he came in than it is now.-Sure. -I was about to say

I think he came in at a timewhere it was like...

he promoted, like, change,Obama, change. But it's like,

George Bush messedeverything up so bad,

it should have been like,"Obama:

I can fix some stuff up."You know what I mean?

Like, I can do some stuff.And it might not be crazy,

but I can do some something.-Sure. -Right.

-I can do better than that.-Yeah.


I don't understand--when people say Obama's

the worst president ever,like, some people say...

-Who says that? That's crazy.-I hear that out there.

And some people say ourcountry's in the worst shape

and, you know, all these...

Where does thatsentiment come from?

-THEDE: Oh, I know what that is.-YARD: From Republicans?

Yeah, no, it's not justRepublicans. It's-it's people

running for president.These politicians on the right

and the leftare gonna say, of course,

America's in the crapperand it's Obama's fault

because they want to look likethey can be the ones to fix it.

But, I mean, what are theysupposed to say, though?

I feel like some people...I just have to be honest,

some people are like,"Oh, he was the worst"

because they can't say,"He was the blackest."

-THEDE: Yeah. That's true.-Like, I mean, because, like,

he's not reallythe worst president ever.

How soon-how soon do you thinkit'll be before we see

another black presidentor person of color?

-Kanye 2020.-Kanye...

That is not gonna happen.

Do you think it'll happen againin our lifetime?

-I don't... -I think...-Or is it not gonna be

-any big deal anymore? Has...-I don't think... I don't think

it's gonna be a big deal.Look, we're about to probably

elect a womanthat nobody likes. So...

Oh, stop it. Stop it.

-How hard would it be fora Mexican to win? -Stop it.

-Let's be real.-Stop it.

-How... What's her approvalrating? -Wait, wait...

If no one liked her,she would not be...

I'm just sayingwho's next in line?

It's gonna be Hispanic.That's our next president.

-You think so? -Yeah, that's ournext president. -I think

-that'd be cool.-That'd be great.

That's our nextpresident of color, yeah.

So it's not gonna be hardif we're gonna vote in Hillary.

Half... most peopledon't like Hillary.

-Check the approval rating.-I think... I think

this audience may say a Germanmay be the next president.


We just have a lot of Germansin our audience tonight.

Yeah, Germans!Person of color...

-(cheering, applause) -That'sall they were waiting for.

They're ready.They have a female leader,

-they know what's up. -Yeah,they have a female leader.

-Yup. -Angela Merkel, exactly.They did it.

Do they like her?

-Do you guys like her?-No?

(scattered booing)-Yea... No? -Ah, see?

Oh, man.

-They're like, "No!"-No.

-But we did it!-But she's there! -Exactly.

But we're moreprogressive than you.

-Okay. -It's true,it's true, you are.

All right, we'll be right backright after this.

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