Gabriel Iglesias - Catchy Names

Dillon Garcia, Paul Varghese & Rudy Moreno Season 1, Ep 2 10/13/2011 Views: 53,677

Gabriel Iglesias had a big fight with the network to come up with a title for his show. (1:59)

We are here, you guys. I am soexcited to be doing this show.

I've been giventhis opportunity,

and I want to share itwith as many

of my personal friendsthat are comics.

And it's gonna be a good time,you guys.

And it was a really big fightwith the network

to come upwith a title for the show.

'Cause when they find out,you know, it was me,

and that I was gonna have a fewof my "amigos" on the show,

automatically, they triedto put a catchy name for it.

Anytime comedy clubs, networks,theaters get together,

and there's morethan one minority on a show,

they always wantto put a catchy name.

You know, for as long asI've been performing in Arizona,

anytime I do a show and there'smore than three Latinos,

forget it.

Latino night, Hispanic night.

You know, Mojado Monday,or Taco Tuesday,

or Wetback Wednesday,or Tortilla Thursday,

of Fiesta Friday,or Sábado Gigante!


But they do that to everybody.

That happensto African-Americans, as well.

They'll call the showUrban Night, Apollo Night,

Def Jam Comedy Night,

but that's as faras they'll take it.

They won't take it to the nextlevel like they will for us,

'cause you know, there's peoplefighting for black rights.

We don't have anyone.We got Repo.


And he's got his own agenda,you know?

I guarantee you,

my African-American brothersand sisters,

you will never seea Malt Liquor Monday.

Or Tupac Tuesdayor Watermelon Wednesday, or...

♪ Tong-ta, tong-tong Thursday.

Or Fried Chicken Friday,or Suki Suki Saturday,

or Slap-a-Ho Sunday.


(applause and cheering)

Uh-uh. And that most definitelywould never happen to rednecks.

(laughter and groaning)

He got quiet.(laughter)

I'm gonna do the joke.

'Cause it'll never happen.

You'll never hearof a Monster Truck Monday,

or a Trailer Park Tuesday,or White Trash Wednesday,

or Take-Your-Sister-OutThursday, you know.


Look it. Look it. Look it.

"Oh, hell, no, Fluffy!

"You done crossed a line now.

"I'm from Apache Junction.

We don't play that!"