Cancer Excuse

Gang Bang Season 1, Ep 5 05/28/2013 Views: 74,904

Upon learning that show writer Tig Notaro has cancer, Amy takes advantage of this sad news to avoid several obligations. (4:45)

go to this bridal shower?

They're gonna bedivorced in two seconds.

Look, I think it'll meana lot to your sister.

Oh gosh.


Tig has cancer.Who?

One of the writerson my show.

Oh my God,Amy, I'm so sorry.

You must be sooverwhelmed right now.

No, we're not,like, close.

No, stop it, stop it.

You're clearlyin shock.

Here, give me those.

Go home, I'm gonna tellKim what happened,

I'm sure she'sgonna understand.

Yeah.Do it.

Okay, I'm so sad.Yeah.

It's a hard time.


Amy, are you comingto my one-woman

burlesque show tonight?

It's the finalperformance.

Oh, is it?

No, no, I can't,Tig has cancer.

Oh my God,I had no idea.Mm-hmm.

Yeah, so I'm probablyjust gonna be like,

spoon-feeding her, like, loadthe blankets on her, just--

God, I don't needto bore you

with the detailsof my life right now.

What life?

I'm basically livinglike a saint.

Does she need anything?No.

Do you need anything?

Actually,you know what?

A cookie wouldbe amazing.

Chocolate chip,obviously.

Have them heated up.

Not too hot, that canreally burn your mouth,

and I'm already dealingwith enough with Tig.

Okay, seriously,warm, not hot.

Okay.If it's too hot, you'regonna hear about it.

Okay, break a leg.

( computer alert )

Hey, Amy.

The network's here.

They wanted to gothrough some notes

about the downsynun sketch.

Oh my God, Amy.

Are you crying?

What's wrong, babe?

This-- this bag.

Is this about Tig?


It's-- it is totallyabout Tig.

I was up 'tillike 5:00 a.m.

last night, just, like,reading to her from

the Indigo Girls,the autobiography, and just--

Did they writethat together or--

So I just have so muchon my plate right now.

I just don't feellike I can deal

with networknotes, you know.

I know, I know,and here's the thing.

You're not going to, becausehere's what we're gonna do.

I'm gonna go throughthese notes for the network.

Meanwhile, you go geta pedicure on me,

don't even worry--Thanks, Jessie.

Oh.I guess we're just eachother's heroes right now.




Do you have theIndigo Girls autobiography?

Looks likethat is not a thing...

and it never will be.

Hey, is this the onlystaff pick you have?


Oh.How are you?

Oh, well, aside fromgetting my tits ripped off,

you know, I mean.That's awful.

Do you know that book Amy'sbeen reading to you from?

A book Amy's beenreading to me from?

I haven't seen Amyin over a month.


But then that'swhen she said to me,

"I may be the onewith cancer,

but you're definitelythe one going to heaven."

Who's goingto heaven?

( all )Hey Tig, hey!

( woman )Tig, you look great.

Hey, what areyou doing here?

Shouldn't you be inbed or something?

Look at you,your sad little wig.

It's actuallymy real hair, Amy.

What are youdoing here?

I wanted to publiclythank you.

Now that I'mall better,

Amy has time to doanything for anyone.

Will you do allof our podcasts?

She'd love to.

And if anyonehas a web series,

she'd love to do allof those as well.

( all )Yes!

All right.

I'm gonna be out of town nextweek, can you feed my cat?

She'd be honored.

My one-woman showgot extended.

The New York Times called it"a one-woman show in New York."

Amy, you love showsin New York.

I can't,I can't...

... wait!

I can't wait.

Oh, I want to seethat show.

I'm gonna go to my office,can I just have my daily cookie?

Yeah.Thank you.

Oh, this is the perfecttemperature for a cookie.


How many of youhave podcasts?

We each have two.