Na'im Lynn - Disgusting by Nature

Na'im Lynn Season 1, Ep 3 05/18/2012 Views: 4,155

Na'im Lynn tells women a secret about men and the location of their body wash. (2:24)

Ladies, just try tounderstand me.

I'll tell youone thing about men, ladies.

We cheat. That's what we do.We cheat.

And, uh, when we do cheat,it has nothing do with you.

Stop beating yourself up,talking about

"What's wrong with me,what'd I do?"

There's nothing wrong with youother than the fact

that you don't havemore than one vagina.

Everybody made a big dealabout Tiger Woods

because he was cheatingwith 17 women.

Listen, 17 womenis better than one woman.

Because you can'tkeep up with 17 women.

You don't care about them.

Ladies, when your man gotone women on the side,

that's whenyour ass is in trouble.

Because that's hisother girlfriend.

Whatever you gotfor Christmas, that bitch

got that (bleep) in white.

The point I'm trying to make is,

"The more women your mancheat on you with,

the more he love you."

Yeah, we're nasty though.You got to

understand that about men.We're nasty.

We are disgusting by nature.

I'll give you a secret, ladies,about men real quick.

If you ever go overto a man's house

and you go in his bathroom, andhis body wash is on the sink

instead of in the shower...

He just washed his dick inthe sink before you got there.

He didn't take a full shower.

He shoe-shinedthem nuts up real fast.

He like, "Yeah, that'll do."

Nothing is nasty to a man.

We do anything.Nothing is nasty to us

until we bust a nut.Then after we bust a nut,

then we feel disgusted.

Before, we'll do anything. Wegot a thing in your (bleep).

"Mm...! Take that...(moaning)"

"(spits) (moaning)"

You got a foot in your mouth.(growls)


Soon as you bust a nut,"(spits) what the..."


"Oh, no..."

(moaning) You gotdo-do on your finger.



Oh, no...

What the hell is wrong with me?