Joe Rogan - People Are Too Cocky

Joe Rogan: Rocky Mountain High Season 1, Ep 1 11/21/2014 Views: 7,049

Joe Rogan explains why anyone who isn't terrified of the world around them is entirely too confident. (2:08)

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Do you know about Colorado?

It's cold there, too,and they have legal weed.

That's the way to do it.

First state,first state to step up.

First state to say, "Enough,

this is [bleep]ingbaby nonsense.

Treat me like a child,telling me I can't have weed."

First of all, everybody whotells you you can't have weed,

they all should get on weed.

Every single oneof those mother[bleep]ers.

They're the peoplewho need weed more than anybody.

The peoplethat are trying to stop weed.

Everybody who saysyou're wasting your life,

"Oh, you're gonna get paranoid.

You're getting paranoid."

That's the best part.

Everybody's afraid of that.

Everybody's afraidof getting paranoid.

I think it's a good ideato be paranoid now and again,

because I think people

are entirely too cockyfor the situation

that we're confronted with.

What this life actually is,

we're on a [bleep]ing giant ballthat's spinning in space,

and nobody talks about it.

It's going 1,000 miles an hourfloating in the sky.

Above us is a giant fireball

a million timesbigger than the earth,

and you need it for Vitamin D.

If you stare at it,

you'll go blind.

It's trying to give you cancer,

and if it's not there,you get sad.

You're not freaking out?

We're spinning in infinity,

and it doesn't come up.What's infinity?

That's the weird one.What's infinity?

It means it's so bigyou can't measure it.

No, it's crazier than that.

It does mean that, but you knowwhat that really means?

It means infinity is so big,that everything

that has ever happened on earthin the exact same order,

down to that pause,has happened

an infinite number of timesall throughout the universe.

Everywhere in space,

there is a you making the samecolossal [bleep]ing errors

that you've madeyour entire life.

So if anybody ever tells you,"You could do better, man."

Go, "Apparently not."