Doug Mellard - Running in Place

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Do you want to run? Do you want to run in place? (2:20)

-Hey, what's up, people?

It's Doug Miller hanging outdown here at South Beach,

getting ready for the SouthBeach Comedy Festival which

will be taking placeright behind me.

And I'm hoping to meetsome interesting, wonderful


Let's do this.

What are you doingout here in Miami?

-I'm here for awedding's friend.

-For a wedding?



Uh, how's that?

Can I go?

-If you have nicegirl, yeah, bring.

-If I have a nice girl?


Nice girlfriend.

-Nice girlfriend?

Oh, man, so I gotto bring the women?

-And without the hat.

-Yeah, I got tolose-- oh, my God.

So I'm getting rippedat my own interview.

This is fantastic.Thank you.

I don't know if youknow this, but I'm

a pretty, famous comedian.

My name's Doug Miller, andI'm rocking the stage right

behind you at 9 o'clockand 11 o'clock tonight.

Are you going to be there?

-Yes, I will.

-You a big standup comedy fan?


-You sure?

-Yeah.-Good, yeah.

What's your favorite comic?

-Uh, you.

-Oh, thank you so much.

Do you want to gorunning with me?


-I don't know.

Let's just run.

Do you want to run in place?

Will you run in place with me?

I just feel like Igotta get my mojo going.

Since I've beenhere, I've seen guys

with parrots andmonkeys and whatever.

What's like the weirdestthing you've seen in Miami?

-That's a tough question.

I've seen somepretty weird stuff.

I'd have to say about a7 and 1/2 foot drag queen

carrying an albinoboa [inaudible].

-Why is that weird?

-You're working securityfor us for the South

Beach Comedy Festival, right?

-Uh, yes.

-Rocking it out?

So like, have youkilled anyone yet?

Like if you had to kill anyone?

-Well, only two.

It's getting rid ofthe body that's hard.


Now why would-- theocean's like not too far.

It's walking distance.

-The stage.


They're right down there.

Got you.

I'm standing here with?





That is not your realname at all, by the way.


What's the dog's name?



Be sure to get a closeup of that sweet dog.

Hey, Bijou!

What's up?





Oh, yeah!

That a boy!

You want to do aset tonight, buddy?

I'll take that as a no.

You're the worst interviewthat I think is ever

going to happenever, by the way.

-At least he didn't run away.

-Well, that's true.

And he just peed on my hand,so that's pretty awesome.

I just got peed on at Miami.

That's how you do it.