Call Me

Fry and Leela's Big Fling Season 7, Ep 15 06/19/2013 Views: 29,207

While Amy is dressed as a marmoset during a delivery to an all-primate planet, a saucy baboon hits on her. (1:34)

(tires squealing)

I'm not sure this marmosetdisguise is working.

I'm not sure either.

We'd better ask Amy.

Well, that's the last one.

But what does a monkeyfinancial-services corporation

want with a fleetof classic cars?

We don't want the cars,just the tires!

Gentlemen, the newoffice chairs are here.

(hooting, chattering)


Sign here, please.

I'll just usemy opposable thumb.

You know, normally I don'tgo for New World monkeys,

but I am diggingyour upright posture.

Geez, Edwards, hitting ona delivery marmoset?

Why don't you just showher your big blue ass?

Oh, I'm getting to that.

(clicks tongue)

Call me.

Oh, my gosh. Amy?

Amy Wong?Guenter?

From Mars University?

How have you been?

Ah, pretty good.

Working in financial services,

you really getto help rich people

realize their expensive dreams.

Nice disguise, by the way.

I won't say anything.