Fry's Night Job

All the Presidents' Heads Season 6, Ep 20 07/28/2011 Views: 32,335

Professor Farnsworth tells the Planet Express crew about his illustrious ancestry. (1:49)

Good news, everyone.

Remember when you askedto see my family tree?




This is my ancestor

Philo Farnsworth,inventor of television,

and as a bonus,childhood obesity.

And here's Dean Farnsworth,

developer of the Farnsworth Testfor Colorblindness.

Where is he, blasted?!

And just recently, I learnedof a modern-day Farnsworth

who inventedthe Anti-Senility Truss.

That's you,Professor.


Ah, yes,the Farnsworths boast

a proud anddistinguished lineage.

No wormy fruiton this tree.

What about Fry?

Isn't he yourdistant uncle?(snoring)

Very distant.

Not a true Farnsworth, mind you.

He's way over hereon this filthy branch

riddled with fungusand dung beetles.


(snoring, gasps)

What's with the17 dung beetles?

Well, it's 6:00.

I guess we'll have to deliverthat human heart tomorrow.

Good work, people.(whooping)

Time to go clubbing!

Baby seals, here I come.

(sighs)Guess I better headover to my night job.

You have a night job?

Yup. It's exhausting,

but I need the extra moneyto buy coffee

so I can stay awakefor my night job.

But...Got to go!

(crickets chirping)

You've got a surprisingamount of algae

in your beard,Mr. President.

Just sit still and let thealgae-eater do its work.

Oh! Ow!

Oh! Lay off my trademark mole!

Hi, Lars.


I'm heading outto my night job.

Remember, no loud noise,no head bowling,

and no parties,or it'll be your ass in a jar.

I want to go to that museum!