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Daniel Radcliffe explains why he doesn't mind indulging "Harry Potter" fans and discusses his role as an undercover FBI agent investigating domestic terrorism in "Imperium." (8:08)

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Please welcome Daniel Radcliffe.

(applause and cheering)

-Hi.-Clearly they've heard of you.

I was gonna say, lot of...lot of Imperium fans in tonight.

-Fantastic. -Yeah,big Imperi fans in the house.

Um, so you've been actingfor a while, yeah?

Um, in a manner of speaking,yeah, after a fashion. -Yeah?

I sort of startedwhen I was around, um, 17,

but I was just doing ita lot before that.

-Um, so...-(laughter) Oh, okay. Okay.

All right, that makes sense.No, man.

-Welcome to the show.-Thank you very much.

I'm a huge fan of yours.I... Okay, I'm gonna ask this.

This is genuinelya selfish question.

How... how do...?

Like, as a Potter fan,how is the best way

for me to talk to youwithout freaking you out?

-(laughter)-Like, how do I...? -Um...

No, I think everyone alwaysexpects me

to be like... to not wantto talk about it or anything,

but, like, I... you know,I really don't mind.

I-I, like, I loved it. I had agreat time doing them. It...

-Well, that's good,because when Luna... -Yeah.

-(laughter) -So whenyou're in a bathroom...

It's funny 'cause I was playing

Harry Potter Clue the other day.

-This is just...-Oh, really?

-Yeah, this is, uh... -Oh,I didn't even know that existed.

-Oh, yeah, it does.It very much does. -Oh, sweet.

Like, what are the weapons?What are the...?

-It's, um, so, it's...-Clue is Clue, though, right?

-Yeah, Clue is Clue, so it's thesame thing. -Same thing. Okay.

But then you arein the different...

So it's like the Chamberof Secrets, and then

-it's the whole...-Oh, okay.

Yeah, it's like you can be inthe different rooms, and then,

-you can use, like, one of thethem was the Portkey. -Yeah.

-And then one of the... yeah.-Oh, right, to get into...

-Yeah.-That's pretty clever.

-And then, it's likethe Vanishing Ca... -Okay.

-I don't know how it reallyworks, but anyway... -(laughter)

-No. Yeah.-Point is welcome to the show.

-Thank you. -The point iswelcome to the show. Welcome.

Do you... do you ever...?This is something, you know,

sort of like, um... I wouldn'tcall it a curse, but it's...

You know, people often saythat child stars--

they go through their lives,

to a certain extent resentingthe thing that made them.

You don't feel...It doesn't feel like

-you suffer from that at all.-I don't at all, because, like,

let's face it. I wouldn't besitting here talking to you

if it wasn't for Potter.

Like, I wouldn't have donethe play I just did over here.

Like, there's nothing.I remember, I met, um...

When I was really young,I met an actor

who used to have beenin a punk band in the '70s,

-and I was really into punkat the time... -Yeah.

...and all I wanted to dowas ask him about it.

And he wouldn't talk about it.Like, he wouldn't discuss it.

He was, like,"No, no, no, that's in my past."

And I was really,like, disappointed.

So I imagined that peoplewould feel the same way

if they were talking to meabout Potter,

and I was like, "Oh, I don'ttalk about that anymore."

It was, like, yeah, that wouldbe like, even saying that now

in joke, I feel terrible,like, it's... yeah.

-I can... that would breakmy heart. -Yeah.

I'd walk away... I'd walk awayand then look at the wand

-in my pocket and be like...-(laughter)

-Expecto disappointment.-Oh, God.

-That's what I would be saying.-This isn't even something

I've done,and I feel terrible.

That's what I'd be saying.All right, um... now,

I, you know what, I had a tonof Harry Potter jokes planned

for the show, for the interview,and then I watched the movie,

and I was like, like...you are an amazing actor.

-Oh. Very kind of you.-I mean, I knew you were good

in Harry Potter, but you are an amazing actor,

-Thank you, mate.-and this film Imperium

is something I...I never expected you to do.

Here's a clip from the movie.

Well, always room to improve,though, right?

Oh, yeah?

Like what?

Well, like look at the positionof this booth, and then tell me

without lookingwhere the nearest exits are.

-What's your point?-The point is,

of all the large boothsin this restaurant,

you picked the onefarthest from the exits.

If something goes down,we're ...

No, we're readyfor whatever goes down.

Yeah, with only you and him--I don't know your name yet,

I'm sorry-- carrying?

Oh, and how the ...you think you know that?

When-when you pat someone down

so they're facingeverybody's lap,

it's pretty easy to tell.

You spend three years in Iraq,you learn how to scan a room

and see threats.


-(cheering, applause)-Wow.

Two things. Two things.

I am doubly impressed,number one,

because you are so British,

-Yes. -and yet you havean amazing American accent.

-Oh, cool. Thank you.-Like, if someone came

from under a rockand didn't know Harry Potter,

they'd be like, "Oh, thisAmerican guy is impressive."

-Oh, awesome.Thank you very much. -It is.

And also, the hair.What was up with the hair?

Tell us about this character.

'Cause the story'sreally amazing.

Yeah, so basically,it's based on--

while it's not the story,it's not a true story,

it's all basedon the real-life experiences

of an FBI agentwho was undercover

with white supremacistsfor a long time.

And, um, and, so, yeah,I-I obviously had to-to shave

my head, which was,um, I did that on camera

and I was happy to find outI don't have

a strangely shapedor marked head in any way.

You would have to actthrough that, though.

-I would. -Like, you couldn'thave the shock, 'cause you...

the whole scene, I watched it,is you just, like,

shaving the headand looking in the mirror.

-But you can't be like, "Whoa!"-"Oh."

-You can't do that.-(laughs) No.

-You just have to carry on,acting... -Yeah. No, exactly.

That's...I-I find that often

I want to make that noiseand I can't. Um...

No, um... But... Um, um...

But, no, uh, yeah, soI-I shaved my head and I got...

Yeah, it was a-it wasa very weird film to make

in the one way, becauseit was a fantastic experience

and it was a great crewand it was fantastic,

but on the other handwe are dealing with

this very heavy stuffand, like, you know, filming...

filming, like, right wingwhite supremacist rally scenes

when we're all wearing, like,you know, w... you know,

T-shirts that say "White Power"on them and stuff like that

is-is weird and horrible,despite-despite how much

you know about, like,it's acting, everyone knows

it's acting and we don't meanit. But it's still, like,

there were-there were... Yeah.It was-its was... it was weird.

There-there are... For thoseof you-- I don't want to spoil

the film in any way,but the one thing I can tell you

is that it-it's a story,uh, of this FBI agent

who goes undercover withwhite supremacists and, really,

-it's the story arounddomestic terrorism... -Yeah.

...which a lot of peoplehave stopped talking about

in America. You know, like,Oklahoma City bombing

-and it talks about whatinspires these people. -Yeah.

Uh, when you are playing ina role like this are you ever...

are you ever afraidof being sucked into it?

'Cause, as you say, everyoneknows you're joking, everyone...

But you stillhave to be a racist person

-in those moments, though.-Yeah, I mean it's-it's not...

there's never a moment whereI'm, like, worried about my own,

like, am I gonna, you know,uh... I-I'm-I'm secure enough

in my own beliefs that I don'tthink that's a danger of that.

But I-but I also, you know,you... I did find myself

going up to, whenever I wasusing, like, racial slurs

and stuff in the film, I wouldhave to go up to the actors

afterwards and be like,"I'm so sorry."

I just, like, have to say it.Like, I know you know that

I don't mean this, but I stillfeel like I have to say it.

Um, and-and, you know, we,yeah. So, we were-we were

the most apologetic bunchof skinheads in the, like...

-that-that has yet been seen.-It's like a new type

-of skinhead. You can starta new thing. -Yeah.

Yeah, apology skinheads.

Here's-here's what-whatreally touched me in the movie.

You are playing someonewho's gone undercover

with white supremacists,with skinheads.

And what happens in the movieis-is really--

without me giving it away--a conversation

-that you have with human beingsbehind the hate, -Yeah.

with the humans who have now,I guess,

-taken on this hatred thatthey feel protects them. -Yeah.

When you were playing the role,

when you are havingthose scenes,

are you thinking of maybe oneof those skinheads

-watching the movie?-Yeah, totally.

I mean, I really... I really dothink... Um, you know, I...

(sighs) There is a temptation,obviously, from all of us

to-to dismiss these peopleas abhorrent and repulsive.

But I think we have to believethat people do not come out

of the womb thinkingthese things.

They have views they acquireand/or are-are taught.

Um, and-and so I-I think that,you know, to-to...

to try and change their minds,which I think we still have

to believethere is a chance of doing,

um, you will have to engage themin a conversation.

You can't engage someone in aconversation when you start off

from a basis of"You are just stupid and evil."

-Like, they will never be...you will never... -Yeah.

If you dehumanize them the waythey dehumanize other people,

then you're never gonna be ableto, um, start that process.

And while I don't thinkall minds can be changed--

I'm sure there are some peoplethat will, you know,

take those awful beliefsto their grave-- I do think

that there's, you know,a lot of... a lot of the time--

not all the time, again--but it's-it's, um,

vulnerable, unhappy people whoare being sort of preyed upon

by opportunistic ideologueswho then, like, you know,

uh, uh-- what's the word--appeal

-to their sort of basest fears,yeah. -Yeah, yeah.

It's-it's a powerful story,and, I-I got to say again,

I'm a huge fanof all of your work.

I think most of us here are.But, uh,

I guess, uh, you know,uh, Harry Potter is dead

and long live Harry Potter.Well done, Daniel Radcliffe.

-Thank you very much.-It was really amazing.

Imperium is in theatersFriday, August 19.

Daniel Radcliffe, everybody.