Uncensored - Ari Shaffir - Actors Are the Most Overrated People in the World

Ari Shaffir: Paid Regular Season 1, Ep 1 01/16/2015 Views: 9,141

Ari Shaffir shows the audience just how easy it is to be an actor. (1:52)

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New York is cool though. Bestpart of New York-

No actors.

Yeah, I mean, there's a few,but they don't run the city

like they do here.They fucking run this town.

They think they're so fuckingimportant.

Actors are the most overratedpeople in the world.

They don't do anythingfor society at all.

And by the way,it's not even that hard.

Any of you,with like a month of training

could be like a reallygood actor.

You couldn't be the bestof the best,

you couldn't be like that guythat died in the hotel room

of heroine.

But you could be pretty good.

You could beDavid Duchovny good.

You could definitely bethat good.

Well you've heard aboutthe awards shows and stuff,

they think they're so fuckingimportant.

They're like, "You know, I'mjust trying to change the world

and make a difference."It's like, "Shut the fuck up!

"You play pretend for a living.

"You're entire job isan extended recess, all right?

Fucking get over yourself."

Who keeps yapping over there?

Which one of you guys keepsyapping?

What, are you kidding meright now?

Whoever it is,just fucking stop.

It's really--Oh, nobody saidanything.

I was just acting.

That's how easy it is.

That's how crummy their job is.

They just play pretend.

People are like, "Really?"No, not really!

It's a skill I masteredin kindergarten.

One of you guys just told onthe other one too.

Someone was, like, pointing.

Like there was no noise,but somebody was

fully telling on somebody elseto get the heat off them.

You would have been horriblein the Holocaust.

They were like, "No, officer.I haven't seen them here

"around here in a long time.

"I think you got ridof them all.

"Really, no, I haven't seen any.None of them around.

"Get them. Get them all.Get them all!

That one has a diary.Leave no legacy."