Sexual Harassment Scandal at Fox News

July 20, 2016 - DeRay Mckesson 07/20/2016 Views: 1,034

Fox News CEO Roger Ailes resigns amid allegations of workplace sexual harassment, prompting a suggestive smackdown from Robin Thede and Holly Walker. (6:05)

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Welcome to The Nightly Show.

I am Larry Wilmore.

Thank you, guys. There isa lot to cover tonight, guys,

a lot to cover,but before we get started,

a little Fox News news.

Looks like a foxwas in the henhouse.

And called some foxes"foxy" and...

You know, I'm sorry,this... I...

Our analogy guywas out sick today, so...

You know what, we have an updateon that asshole Roger Ailes.

Just play the clip.

REPORTER: Media mogul Rupert Murdock,

who runs 20th Century Fox,

said to have decided to remove Roger Ailes

amid sexual harassment allegations

leveled against him by this former anchor.

I'm Gretchen Carlson.Have a fantastic day.

Thank you, Gretchen.

I will have a fantastic day.

Because Roger Ailesis getting (bleep).

-Yes!-(cheering, applause)


(imitates gun cocking, firing)

So, now, we'vetalked about this before.

Ain't nobody surprisedthat Roger Ailes is a creepy-ass

-(bleep), right?-(bleep)!

And not just because he grin...

greenlit Bill O'Reilly'soriginal show,

Get Me A Scotch, Sugartits.

Uh... I don't know...

I don't knowwhat's going on down there,

and I cannot believethat didn't catch on.

Okay, but here'swhat's interesting.

So, Gretchen Carlson'saccusations

weren't enough, on their own,to get Ailes fired.

She had to get them co-signedby other women.

Enter cable newsalpha gazelle Megyn Kelly.

Yesterday Megyn Kelly,the network's rising star,

reportedly told investigatorsthat he had made similar

sexual advances towards herabout ten years ago.


And it happened ten years ago.

Let me see if I canput this in perspective.

While the rest of the worldwas furiously trying

to put Nelly Furtado's newestalbum on their Zunes...

All right... right?

You remember that, right?

Megyn Kelly's trying to ward offthat fat bastard, right?


Now, a lot of peopleare reporting kind words

Kelly had for Ailes in the past,

as if that's relevant at all.

REPORTER: Kelly had nothing but praise for her boss

when she spoke to Charlie Rose last year.

I really care about Foxand I really care about Roger

and he's beennothing but good to me

and he's been very loyal

and he's had my back.

But s... seriously,

what else is... is shegoing to say, you guys?

No, he-he's a handsy sex goblin,

um, who's harassed mebut is powerful enough to ensure

I'll never work againif I come forward?

I mean, why is thiskind of thing relevant?

And anyway, look, this is how

predators operatein the workplace.

They do nice things for women,

like hire them or promote themor cheerlead for them.

And they think thatmakes it okay to harass them.

I call it the SkeazyPass.

All right?

Okay. That's how it works.


Hey, come on,I've been nice to you.

I can therefore now be skeazy.

Unfortunately, the SkeazyPassis currently accepted

in way too many offices.

But we think it's greatthat the women of Fox

are taking a stand, and that'swhy Nightly Show contributors

Robin and Holly are hereto present them

with theirThat's What She Said Award.

That's what she said.

Thanks! Thanks, Larry!

I've got a message for menlike Roger Ailes.

Just becauseyou're in a position of power

doesn't mean you can put a womanin any sexual position.

This isn't the '50s.

You can't shove that messdown my throat.

That's what she said.

-Sorry. -R-Robin,we-we talked about this.

I know, and you're right.

It is about them;it's not about us. I got it.

Great. So what if Megyn Kellypraised Roger Ailes

in the early 2000s?He was her boss.

It was her job.

She didn't want to blow it.


That's what she said. I'm sorry!

It does make sense inthat context, but now I'm done.

-You sure?-Yes.


And shame on Ailes.

Don't act all innocent.

You knewexactly what you were doing.

-Let me give you a little tip.-That's what she said.


You know what, you know what,actually, you're right,

you're right.That's what he said.

He definitely has a little tip.That was a good catch.

-That was a good catch.-Okay.

Now, stop lying, Ailes,

because no one believes you.

And, sadly, as always,

there was no real actionuntil multiple women joined in.


Mm. Mm.


-what she...-No. Why?


And don't think your powergives you permission,

like Bill Cosby.

I mean, that asshole gavescholarships to countless women,

but he also rapedmore than 50 women.

-"Allegedly."Yeah, that's right. -Mmm.

We still haven't forgottenabout you, mother(bleep).

(cheering and applause)

BOTH:That's what we said.

-(cheering and applause)-Yeah. Yeah.

So, for standing up in the faceof sexism and abuse,

we present Gretchen Carlson,Megyn Kelly,

and all the women at Fox

who stood up to this bagof garbage

the That's What She Said Award.

All right! Yeah!

Holly Walker and Robin Thede,everybody!

Thanks, ladies. Okay.

Very good.

Very nice award. Okay.