Brian Regan - Son's Joke

Brian Regan: Standing Up Season 1, Ep 1 06/09/2007 Views: 34,970

Brian Regan's son supplies a perfect joke for his dad to use in his stand-up act. (1:46)

They had, like,a five-year-old boyholding a helium balloon,

and he accidentally let goof his balloon.

The boy started crying,and his parents were, like,"Why are you crying?

It's a balloon.We'll get you another one."

I'm, like,"Jeepers creepers, folks."

Sometimes I don't thinkadults try hard enough,

you know, to understandwhat kids are going through.

If you wanted to relateto what it's going through,

imagine if you tookyour wallet out...

and it just startedfloating away. "No!"

"Why are you acting like that?

It's a wallet.We'll get you another one."

"I want that one!"

That's what your boyis going through.

We have a little boy.

We had a monitor in his roomthe other night, and, uh--

I don't really pushwhat I do on my kids.

I figure they'll find outwhen they want to find out.

I was sittingwith my wife watching TV,and it was at night.

We thought he was sleeping,and all of a sudden I heard,through the monitor,

"Daddy, I have a jokefor your career."

Wow. I got,like, goose bumps, man.

I'm, like, "Wow."

So I gotta go up there, man.I ran upstairs.

[ Laughs ]This is true.And I sit on the bed.

I'm, like,"Man. Wow. You got a jokefor my-my act buddy?"

And he goes,"Yeah. I just thought of it."

And I was, like, "Whoa."I wanted to cry I was, like,so touched, you know?

I was, like, "Really? Wow.What's the joke, buddy?"

And he goes,"How come dinosaurs don't talk?"

"I don't know.How come dinosaurs don't talk?"

"Because they're all dead."