Brody Stevens - Reading Energies

Brody Stevens Season 2, Ep 17 01/05/2014 Views: 8,198

Contrary to popular belief, Brody Stevens does not live with his mother. (1:50)

A lot of people say: "Brody, youlive with your mother. You livewith your mother.

You're 42, you livewith your mother."

A lot of people say that.

That is not true!

I don't live with my mother.

I live with my sister...

in a condominiumowned by my mother.


Louder chuckle.Stay with me!

(cheering, applause)

I'm intense.I get B.O. in the shower.

(laughter)My goose bumpsturn into whiteheads.

I'm a good guy...My sister beat me up.

Don't think, like,it's all about me.

She beat me up.

She punched me.She kicked me.

She spit on me.She beat me with keys.

She threw a pan at me.

And you're saying, "Brody,what beatings hurt the most?"

The beatings with the keys.

(laughter)Yeah. Why, you ask?

Because my sister was a janitor.


That's a lot of keysto throw at your younger brother

for stealing your Menudo album.

Again, help me out over here.

I've done over 2,000television productions.

Stay with me.I get it.

I've got head shots, 11 by 17.

I stand out in a pile.

Booking things.You got it.

Giving back to my mom.That's right.

Got her a GPSnavigational system.

My sister and I went in

and got a GPSnavigational system for my mom.

Uh, we had the chipimplanted in her neck,

(laughter)so, uh...

Yes! You got it.

Arms crossed, negative.

Arms crossed, negative.I read energies.

My family's from New Mexico--pioneering Jewish people

of the Southwest.

Where do UFOs land?New Mexico!

I read it. I get it.