Al Madrigal - No Privacy Pt. 1

Al Madrigal: Why Is the Rabbit Crying? Season 1, Ep 1 04/26/2013 Views: 8,307

People are tracking Al Madrigal at all times. (2:24)

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I have no privacy.You have privacy.

You don't realize, but, yes.It's great.

I have people tracking meat all times.

I really do.

I can't go to the bathroom

without people following meinto the bathroom.

It's constant.

A year ago,this really happened.

My daughter's 2 1/2 years old,and all I want to do--

how I reallywant to unwind

is that I want to goto the back bathroom,

I want to sit therefor 20 minutes

until my leg goes numbwith the sports page.

It's your body's sign of,"Okay, that's enough."

I'm gonna sit there and lookat some stats, and that's it.

In peace.

But I'm not allowed

because they'll find me.

This happened.I had to Swiff.

I pretendedI was Swiffing

to throw 'emoff my trail.

I was goingto do some Swiffing,

and then when no onewas looking,

I grabbed the sports page,

and I snuck backinto the back bathroom.

And I went back there,and I sat down.

20 seconds in, my daughterwith the sippy cup

comes busting openthe door like SWAT.

She just stands thereand then looks back like,

"I found him.He's over here.

"He tried to throw us offwith the Swiffer, but I got it.

Another case solved."

Then she did something--she just stayed.

She just stood therelike this.

'Cause she knew I couldn'tdo anything about it.

She's very smart.And I go,

"Get out of here.What are you doing?

"This is Daddy's privacy.

"His private timein the bathroom.

"Get out of here.This is gross.

Get out of here."

And I'm not sureif anyone's got a little girl,

but they're allkind of creepy.

Look at something.

Then I called for help.

I go,

"Honey! Honey!Honey--

"Krystyn. Krystyn!

Please help me!She won't leave!"

And there was no answer.

So my daughterlooked at me like,

"No one can hearyour cries.

Just me and you."

Then, I'll be honest, Itried to hit her with the papera little bit.