Failure to Launch

The Beast with a Billion Backs Pt. 2 10/19/2008 Views: 7,359

Bender performs a series of tests to get into the League of Robots while Kif accidentally gets jammed into a missile tube. (3:11)





Almost fooled you there.


(submarine alarm sounds)


Missile jam.

I heard you the firsttime, Francine.

Sorry.(alarm stops)

Kif, climb down thereand unjam it, would you?

Be a dear.


And stop sighing so much.


Tell us, Bender.

Are you worthyof membership in the League?

(mimics Yogi Bear):Worthier thanthe av-er-age robot.

Then prove it!

Upon each step is a test.

Okay, but if it's culturallybiased, I'm suing your ass.

Test number one:the test of the beer mug!

Quite right, quite so.

ALL (chanting):Drink the mug! Drink the mug!

I accept your challenge.

Ah!(glass breaking)


The test of the flagon!

(chanting):Drink the flagon!Drink the flagon!

Uh, are all the testsgoing to involve drinking?

It never occurredto me before, but... yes.

Whoo! Just like med school!


Ready yet, Kif?

Just give me one more...

(button beeping)

Oh, no.


(Bender gulping)

The test of the infinitelypriceless

thousand-year-old brandy.


(glass breaking)


Presenting our newest member.


Hot diggity daffodil!

(legs stretching)

And so, to everyone

and everything I've ever known,

I say my last good-bye.


So, um, how are you, Fry?

Pretty good. You?

Well, um, oh...

(electricity crackles)





Kif, get over here.

You've got to try this!