Uncensored - Hampton Yount - Do Women Get Diarrhea?

Hampton Yount Season 4, Ep 2 08/22/2015 Views: 3,003

Hampton Yount wonders if women suffer from the same extreme digestive issues that he does. (1:11)

Do women get diarrhea?


I've lived with womenmy whole life.

I still can't 100% say.

They won't just outward tell me.

I know women shit;I'm not an idiot.

Like, I have the Internet.

I know women shit.

They take huge wet shits

that destroy marriagesand end families.

They're... You're all gross.

You're all terrible people.

But I'm asking:Do you get the pain?

Like, the diarrhea,

just like me and this dudejust get once a week.

The normal dude amountof diarrhea.

Like, once a week, I'll makea crazy panic meal decision

at, like, midnight.

I'll have two Baconators.

Just, like, drop themdown my gullet like a pelican.

Like... (gulping)

"Mmm. Oh, delicious."

And then the next morning, like,I'm not trying to be graphic,

but I'm, like, crying.

Like, on the... on the toilet.

I'm like, "Why?! Why?!"

Shaky leg.

"Why?! Why, God?!

"Who do you want me to kill?!

"I will kill them for you,my Lord.

"They are dead.

I will smite them for you."

I don't know if women are havingthat (chuckles) level of pain.

Like, I've never oncein all my 30 years

ever heard a woman openly say,

"I blew out my assholelast night.

Just shitting blood."