Adam Sandler - Bar Mitzvah

Sandler, Wise, Jamal Season 1, Ep 11 05/30/1994 Views: 17,582

Adam is wearing the same suit he wore for his bar mitzvah. (1:26)

-Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you!


How are-- hi.

How you doing?

All right.

I feel weird, I got this suit.

I don't wear suits and I'm notgood in suits, but I gotta--

they told me to wear a suit.

I feel-- anyways,I uh, last time I

had a suit on at my bar mitzvah.

My bar mitzvah it was the last--and now I get the same suit.

It's the same suit.

I think it looks good.

Bar mitzvah was agood day in my life.

Made more money that day, Ithink I'll ever make again.

You know that's really sad.

To peak at 13 isa weird feeling.

I'd like to do animpression for you.

Wilt Chamberlain scored 100points in one basketball game.

That's a lot of points, youknow, for one game, isn't it?



Here's my impressionof the four other guys

on the team with Wiltduring a time out.

I'm open, man.

What's the matter with you.

Pass the ball.

My, my family's here.

You have like 94 points already.

Ed has two, that's becauseyou bounced it off his head.

Share the wealth.

Here's my impression of thecoach on the other team.

Who's covering Wilt?

Stay on him!

It's not a zone!