Michael Palascak - Seeing-Eye Child

Michael Palascak Season 1, Ep 2 05/11/2012 Views: 16,675

Michael Palascak gives the one acceptable reason for a child to be physically tied to their parent. (1:53)

A lot of my friends arehaving kids, having babies,

and it must be exciting.

They get to, uh, they get tomake a lot of decisions

for their kid's future.

Like, they get to decidewhether they're going

to have their childon a leash harness or not.

It's always weird for meto see in public,

just a mom tied to her son.

Was that motherin the delivery room like,

"Yeah, you can cut that cordbut I ordered my own.

"And it looks like a monkey.

"And now I have a baby and amonkey. I always wanted both.


In my opinion, the only timeit makes sense

for a parent to have their childon a leash harness,

is if that parent is blind.

Then we're all working together.

Give the dog a Saturday offand see where

the seeing-eye-child takes you.

You can give him a littleT-shirt, says

"Don't make funny faces at me.I'm working"

I don't mean to judge,like, if you

have your kidson a leash harness.

Maybe they're fast.I don't know.

It's just not somethingI grew up with.

My parents nevertied me up, like...

They gave my older brothera whistle one time

when we went to Sea World. Yeah,they gave my older brother

a whistle whenwe went to Sea World.

And that must be scarier to getthan a leash harness.

Like, at least with the leashharness, the parents being like,

"Look, if you're going down,then I'm going down with you."

With the whistle, it's like,

"We're probably goingto lose you.

"So when we do,start blowing this whistle,

"and when thedolphin show's over,

we'll come find youright away."