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Brendon Walsh and Jesse Joyce attempt to link Chris to Andrew Basiago's presidential campaign. (1:43)

>> Chris, I'd like to ask you atthis point, what do you think

about all this?

>> HARDWICK: Well, as ajournalist, which I'm not, I

have to be completely objective,I suppose.

I'm 50% fine with it and 50%want him to take a nap in the

garage with his time machinerunning.

But if you're right andBasiago's lying, I could not in

good conscience vote for him.

>> Well, then how do you explainyour connection to his campaign?

>> HARDWICK: I don't have to,because I'm not connected.

>> Chris, what do you know abouthis finances?

>> HARDWICK: Well, we know he'staken in about $39 million less

than Trump and $233 million lessthan Clinton.

>> But where is that moneycoming from?

>> Me!

I sent him an envelope with 48bucks and a coupon for Just For

Men pube dye.

>> HARDWICK: They have that?

>> Yes.


>> Like you and all the otheranti-vaxxers and Elvis hunters

and flat-Earthers, probably sentin half your ramen noodle budget

and methamphetamine money tothis address.

>> HARDWICK: Well, that's justan address.

What's strange about that?

>> Yeah, well, I did a littleresearch, Chris, and it turns

out that it's located in thisstrip mall.

And do you know what else islocated in that strip mall?

>> HARDWICK: A Michaels hobbyshop?

>> Your mom?

>> HARDWICK: Brendon's Vicodindealer?

>> It's not any of those things.

>> Well, what is it then,hotshot?

>> I'm about to explain it toyou-- it's Summit Comedy.

Summit Comedy is in that samestrip mall, a well-known

stand-up comedy booker thatyou're connected to, is in the

same fucking strip mall asMartian Andy's campaign


>> HARDWICK: I am definitely notconnected to Summit Comedy.

I've never even heard of SummitComedy.

>> Well, then how do you explainthis?

>> HARDWICK: Well, that's...

>> How do you explain why yourpicture is on Summit Comedy's

Web site, which happens to sharea address in the vicinity of the

same strip mall as Basiago's...

>> HARDWICK: I don't... can'tex... I don't know.

I can't explain that.

I don't have to do anything, atall.