Advice From the Matchmakers

Face Time Season 1, Ep 8 12/23/2013 Views: 699

Brody visits a matchmaker and a dating coach for some professional advice about his upcoming date. (2:58)

Oh, my gosh, wow.Yeah.

You are...Eliana.

Eliana, hi.Hi, nice to meet you.

Steven Brody Stevens.Yes.

It's a pleasure meeting you.I'm excited and I broughtthe flowers.

I made pumpkin pie.Do you like pumpkin pie?

I love it.This is Nicole.

This is Brody.Hi, Nicole.

I'm Steven Brody Stevens,nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Am I gonna get duo--dual advice?

Um... well, I do thematchmaking...

and then Eliana's our datingcoach and our recruiter...

so she's actually gonna pick outa really wonderful girl for youto go out with.

When we do first consultationswith clients...

we always see howthey react with us.

Uh-huh.because we're both women.

And then we send themout on a date...

and then we see howthey work with the women.

This pie, it's a little warm.

It just came out of the oven.

Has-- pumpkin pie is meantto be warm, right?

Yes. It just came outof the oven.

All right, so here's the deal.I'm ready to grow...

and I've reached out to you--

To find your best friend.

To find my best fr-- I guessthat's the way you gottalook at it, right?

What would be your most recent,significant relationship?

Uh, I was with a girl in Seattlefor about two months.

When was that? What year?


And that's the last timethat you had a--

No, that's one time thatI can recall, now thatI'm more relaxed.

So I think the biggest thingwith dating is that you haveto be relaxed...

and the other person is justas nervous as you are.

I think when you get nervous,that might be when you talkreally loud...

and you start talking a lotand it might be a little bitoverpowering.

All you need to do is just showher that you appreciate hercompany.

How about have her cometo one of my comedy shows?

Or have her watch me do audiencewarm-up and then she gets to bewith me.

Yeah.No. No!

Sorry, I totally contradicted.

No, because it doesn't haveto be all about you.

Well, she's an audience member.I'm a performer.

But that's a persona,that's something else.

Like, if you really are seriousabout wanting a relationship...

forget all that other stuff,like what do you want?

Is there like a certainpersonality you're looking for?

Somebody like you.See?

You're-- you're always--You heard that before?

No, I haven't.I'm not always on.

Are you not-- okay, really?

Here-- Il-- Eliana.And you're always on?


See, I think you need maybea woman that challenges you...

because you can easily dominateconversations and beoverpowering.

And it can be a littleoverwhelming to women.

Yeah, and so you need somebodywho's gonna stand up and belike, "Brody, shut up."

Call me-- call me Steven.

Sorry, Steven, shut up, like,stop and let me kind of takestage right now.

You know what?Go ahead.

I think you should keep in mindis that you're enough...

like you don't need to puton a persona, you don't needto put on this act.

I mean, just be yourself.Be you.

Be Steven.Yeah, be Steven.