Alphabet City

#InsideRoy Season 2, Ep 15 07/18/2016 Views: 3,897

This children's learning program features some alarmingly adult content. (1:53)

[cheerful music]

- ♪ I know a town

♪ Where letters dwell

♪ Come to Alphabet City and learn to spell ♪

♪ Alphabet City, yeah

- Today's episode, the letter...

children: M!

- Hello, you wanted tosee me, Mayor?

children: Mayor!

- [laughs]

I sure did.

I got a very important jobfor you.

- Hooray!

What kind of job?

- Ha![glass shatters]

Cut the bullshit.

You know exactlywhat kind of job it is.

- Who's the target?

- Her name is G.

Now, I need her taken care of,professionally.

No mistakes.

children: Mistakes!

- Well, then,you're in luck,

'cause I don't make 'em.

My clients are neverdisappointed.

- If you can,make it quick.

- I'll do anything you want,

as long as you gotthe money.

children: Money!

- Once I leave this office,that's it.

There's no turning back.

You sure that'swhat you want?

- Politics isa dirty business.

Sometimes, you have totie up loose ends,

especially when those loose endsare threatening to...


Go public with photosof your member.

children: Member!

- Sounds like we'd betterget right on it.

G sends her regards.

- What the hell you thinkyou're doing, son?

- Like I said...

[gun cocks back]

My clients arenever disappointed.

- Jiminetty!



- Nothing personal, old man.

- Mother[bleep].

children: Mother[bleep]!

- ♪ Alphabet City, yeah