Morgan Murphy - Planned Parenthood Donation

Morgan Murphy, Seth Herzog, Rory Scovel Season 4, Ep 4 08/16/2013 Views: 6,396

A very important detail about Planned Parenthood is missing from Morgan Murphy's credit card bill. (1:21)

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I give moneyto Planned Parenthood.


Uh, thank you.


I'm not tryingto force my stuff on you.

I'm just sayingthat's what I do.

Uh, I like doing it,because I don't--

I'm kind of dumb,so I just--

I like to give moneyto other people and say,

"I hope you do somethingwith it,

"because I amtoo stupid, uh,

and I can't fix thingson my own."

Uh, so I gave--

How it worked is I gave a ladymy credit card information.

Some lady was standingoutside of the grocery store.

She had the Planned ParenthoodT-shirt.

I trusted her. I gave herall of my information.

So, what they dowhen you contribute in that way,

uh, they take money out

of your credit card statementevery month.

Uh, here's the problem:

They don't writethe word "donation"

anywhere on your credit cardstatement.

Anywhere.So it just looks like

I spend money thereevery month.

Like I'm a regularat Planned Parenthood.

I got, like, a VIP carpet.Like, later, suckers.

I'm going down this way.