Michael Palascak - Sibling Stories

Michael Palascak Season 1, Ep 2 05/11/2012 Views: 5,605

Michael Palascak explains why Facebook isn't helpful after a breakup and describes a failed attempt at connecting with a woman. (1:52)

Facebook isn't very goodfor relationships when they'reover

because at any point in time,you can go online

and look at pictures of girlsyou used to date.

Like, if you're boredor have nothing to do,

or that's how you fall asleepat night.

For me,it always starts out simple.

I'm just like, "Oh,I wonder what she's doing."

And then five minuteslater, I'm, like,

"I wonderwhat they're all doing."

"Girls I dated,girls I thought I dated,

but she just neededa ride home a lot." Like, ah...

I think it's hard sometimes'cause I travel a lot.

And sometimesI meet someone, and I...

I don't know that personthat well, and I have

to make conversation with them.

And sometimesit's hard, you know?

And one time, I was hanging outwith a friend,

and then her friends startedhanging out with us.

And it was fine, and then,they needed a ride home,

so I was giving thema ride home,

and one friend--they'd been drinking--

my one friend just sort ofpassed out in the back seat.

So, I had to make conversationwith this new person.

And I kind of freaked outa little bit.

Like, in my head, I was, like,"All right, I have siblings.

"I'll just ask herabout her siblings.

"Whatever she says, great.

"And then I'll come back withmy awesome sibling stories,

"and she'll be, like,'Oh, my gosh.

"'He has something to relateto what I just said.

"'What an awesome guy.

That-That's a great person.'"

So, I was, like,"Do you have siblings?"

And she was, like, "No."


Yeah. It wasn'tjust a "no," though.

It was, like, a "no," like, a...

As if... as ifshe used to have siblings,

and me asking that questionwas like a landmine of truth

that explodedand murdered everybody

that ever made her happy.


So I didn't come backon my sibling stories.

It just didn't seem right.

It was just quiet in the car

for, like,the next five minutes,

and then, she was, like,

"Both my sisters diedin a car accident."

Yeah. That sucks for her,obviously,

but it kind of sucksfor me, too. Like...

There's no wayto make that situation lighter.

But I drop her off.

Like, "Oh, we made it!"