Tinder TV - Making the Leap to Dead Media Platforms

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 12/13/2016 Views: 153

Kurt Braunohler, Fortune Feimster and Moshe Kasher imagine programs that would be featured on the Tinder television network. (1:42)

Tinder, the dating appthat lets you swipe

through hundreds of people

you would never touchin your area,

is releasing a new versionfor Apple TV.

That means that singleson the prowl will have to start

lugging their flat screensinto the bathroom.

-(laughter) -Let's take a lookat this magic in action.


(click, chimes)

Ooh, it's a match.

-HARDWICK: Yay!-(laughter)

Look how easy that was.

-Your TV's gonna get youa handy. Uh... -(laughter)

I'm not sure that Tinder'sgonna be compatible

with your cathode ray television

from Elvis Presley's housein 1968, but

it's nice to see modern appslike Tinder finally start making

the leap into dead mediaplatforms like television.

-Uh... no one's...-(laughter)

Doesn't matter.No one's (bleep)...

Yeah, it doesn't matter.Doesn't matter.

(applause and cheering)

It's really onlya matter of time

before Tinder startstheir own TV network.

Comedians, what are some showsyou might see

on a Tinder Television Network?


Law and Order: Special (bleep) Drowning Unit.

-HARDWICK: Points. Points.-(laughter)

-I...-(applause and cheering)

-You don't need to do that.-Drowning.

Fortune, do you wantto throw one in to the...?

Uh, I think a good show would be The Walking Head.

-HARDWICK: Yes! Points! Mm-hmm.-Yeah. -Yeah.

-(laughter, applause & cheering)-Really?

-Kurt. -The Affair.

-HARDWICK: Yeah, okay, points.Very good. -(blows raspberry)

-(laughter, applause & cheering)-Points. Very good.

-FEIMSTER: Wait a second.-Very good.

(laughter, applause)

That's a real show.