Preparing Backstage

Boston Me Party Season 1, Ep 11 01/06/2014 Views: 469

Brody goes over his set list one last time and tries to stay loose before he hits the stage. (2:02)

That looks perfect.

TOM (O.S.):And he recently got a half-hourComedy Central special.


If I was directing it,I would have Brody come out...

and go, "Brody, what bothersyou about the way things lookright now?"

And then have him redothe stage...

and explain why he's redoingwhat he's redoing.

Hello, Boston.

Yes! My beardis perfect for you.

There's nobody like him.

He's-- I hope...

Tom, how do you thinkI'll do tonight?

TOM (O.S.):I think you'll do incredible.

Look at Jeffrey Tambor. I couldbe the next Jeffrey Tambor.

You never know whathe's gonna do...

and he's very interactivewith the crowd.

He just does things thatI've never seen any otherstand-up do.

I'm known as a pope of comedy.

Not for my jokes,but because I don't have sex.

Someone who's more of atraditional comedian...

is just gonna go up thereand do a set...

tell their jokes,please the audience.

Brody's show is always differentand I really respect that.

The fact that he'sin the moment.

A lot of people are gonna sayhe's cutting edge...

he's just pushing new ground.

He is, but he's also, you know,refreshingly old school...

and he's really intoperformance.

Boston references, openings,hello, model in Pakistan,retiring these jokes.

Very hairy, return toComedy Central... 13 years.


Let's go do it.Yes! You got it. Show on.

Positive. Let's do it.Let's have some fun.

Brody, can I do a Vineof you prepping?

You got it.One, two, three.

Yes! Stretching the calves.

I messed it up, I'm sorry.Ready? One, two, three.

Stretching in preparation.

My phone's [BLEEP] up.It keeps going.

One, two, three.


I'm getting 30 minutesof TV time that I haven'tgotten before.

When I've been on TV, it'salways been five minutes here,six minutes there.

Two minutes here,one minute there.

This is 30 minutes,so it's a big deal to me.