Behind the Scenes - The Real Calzone

Hannibal Buress & Jared Logan Season 1, Ep 1 10/10/2012 Views: 6,707

Get a behind the scenes look at T.J. Miller's romantic moments on "Mash Up." (2:16)


[music playing]


-You have to be a prettycold-hearted, empty individual

not to tear up even justa little bit at the end

of a romantic comedy,like "What's Your Number"

with Anna Faris and Chris Evans.

When the guy gets thegirl I always tear up.

And I turn to my girlfriendwho is there with me,

you know, to tellher, hey, thank you.

Thank you for acceptingme and letting

me believe that truelove can be real.

-I don't really know him.

We sort of met andhe tells people--

-Oh, I'm sorry to stop theinterview for just a second.

- --that I'm his girlfriend.

It's called an interview.

-Just hold on a second.

I want to say that I love youand I'm sorry about last night.

I was being selfish.

I shouldn't havedone what I did.

-This is really-- This is,like, again just private,

private matters that you'rejust saying on camera.


I'm just trying to tell youthat I'm sorry and I love you.

Also, in front of allthese people, will you--

-He's not going to say--

-It doesn't seemlike the right time.

-It feels like having all ofour private, romantic moments

just displayed forthe public in the most

awkwardly voyeuristicromantic gesture.

-When I turned to her,she just held up a calzone

that she had bought atSbarro's earlier that day.

And she said, doesn't thislook like a double vagina?

That was a good representationof the actual thing,

except we were in a plane.

WOMAN: We were on a plane.

-And the calzonewas much smaller.

Much smaller, whichI was also promised

a similar thing when we met.

-Some people can't handlea calzone that big.

They don't have enough-- youknow, they can't handle it.

They don't haveenough-- their hands

aren't big enough to hold it.

Deal with it if youknow what I mean.

-I do know exactlywhat you mean.

Well, here's a news flash,we're not even dating right now.

She broke up with meimmediately after the show.

So by the time you're seeingthis, I am single and ready


It's a combination ofmingling and fingering.

Meet new people,see which one fits.