Artie Lange - Adam Levine's Acne Problem

Artie Lange: The Stench of Failure Season 1, Ep 1 10/18/2014 Views: 14,031

Artie Lange has been depressed ever since he found out that Maroon 5's lead singer is dealing with a terrible tragedy from his past. (1:52)

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Well I've been depresseda lot lately though.

Anybody might understand this.

If you watch MTV,you might be depressed too.

I haven't been able to getout of bed a lot lately.

Very depressed over this.

I don't know if you saw this,

but Adam Levinehad a bad acne problem.

Are you [bleep] kidding me?

You--We got to [bleep]--

We got to hearhe had an acne problem?

Oh, Adam Levine,you had an acne problem.

Go [bleep] yourself.

How's that sound,you piece of shit?

What, the royaltiesfrom the shit Maroon 5 songs

dry up?

You need acne-medicine money?[bleep] you.

Adam Levine had acne.

Okay, I'll get upset over that.

Sometimes in New York,I pass by this Vietnam vet.

He's got no legs,lost both his legs,

and he's asking for moneyevery day.

And I walked up to himthe other day.

I said, "How dare you?

"Do you realizethat Adam Levine

"had acne when he was 17,

"like every other personon the [bleep] planet Earth?

"And you're asking for money?You got no legs.

"Who gives a shit?

Adam Levine's dealingwith the memory of acne."

I'll tell you,

if you're 17and you have acne, good news.

Adam Levine found a cure.

Apparently,the cure for acne is

you have to somehow get20 Victoria's Secret models

to sit on your face.

Adam Levine'sdone extensive research,

and he found the cure--[laughs]

He found the cure for acnein Bar Refaeli's [bleep].

It's hard to get a hold of it,but if you can,

you won't have acne.

And some of you kids,I'm looking at you,

you're gonna have acne.