Behind the Scenes - Roast Battle II - Night Two - Meet the Battlers

Roast Battle II: Night Two - Uncensored Season 2, Ep 6 01/27/2017 Views: 698

Learn the strategies (and fears) of Night Two competitors like Todd Barry, Matthew Broussard and Olivia Grace. (1:16)

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- Rose Battle'sprofessional wrestling.

It's all big hits, it's all huge pop.

- If you want somethingnot to be mentioned,

you should be on the show.

- I love when peopleare banging on the walls

because a joke is so good,

and they're yelling out, "Oh my God!"

(audience chanting)

- Only one will survive.

(hard rock music) (audience cheering)

- It's a weird way to go on television

to know that you're about to be brutally made fun of.

- He seems like a really nice guy,

and I can't wait to kick his teeth down his throat.

- The research I did for this battle

was mostly spending five years

being friends with teenaged alcoholic.

- I know Keith so well, and he's had a horrible life.

There's a lot to pull from.

- I researched a lot toprepare for the battle.

Watched a lot of the roasts and I ate a roast.

- Just see what she hits me with

and hopefully be quickon my toes, on my feet.

- Any single one of them could be the joke of the night.

You're always up against a knockout.

- It needs to be quick,mean, and clever.

Right to their bones, make 'em hurt.

(audience chanting)

- Whoa!

- I wanna ask Jeff if I just sit on him

and spin like a dreidel if I can move on to the next round.

- Rose Battle is super calculated.

Like every syllable of ever joke is picked for a reason.

- You stutter at all, you're done.

- I'll be nervous 'cause it's

just not really what I usually do.

- I've tried to roast myself, and honestly,

it's like what can I do to me that God hasn't already?