Thai Rivera - Pride Parade

Season 4, Ep 0407 12/04/2009 Views: 3,268

Thai has trouble relating to people, even other gay people. (1:42)

People always ask me why I dothe rooms I do.

I do the rooms I dobecause they'll have me.

I don't get asked to dogay shows because I'm honest

about the fact that I don'tunderstand everything

other gay people do, either.

Like, not too long ago,I was at a gay pride parade.

There were different pointswhen I was watching the parade

where I remember thinkingto myself,

"This is really gay.

"Can we take it down a notch,please?

I'm getting uncomfortable."

Before I get out of here,I will sincerely thank

everybody in this room.

I do appreciate you allbeing so nice to me.

I appreciate youputting up with me.

Uh, I know I can bekind of hard to relate to.

I know I have troublerelating to people.

I know this,'cause I even have trouble

relating to my own friends.

See, because all of my friendsare straight and dating,

and I'm gay and I cruise.

Yeah, so sometimes our storiesdon't really match up.

Like, just today, my friendChris called me.

He was like, "I ended up takingthat girl out on a date

the other night, bro."

And I was like,"I sucked a dude's (bleep)

in a bush last night."


Yeah, I notice sometimeswhen I do that joke,

the straight guysin the audience get

really uncomfortable.

And I never understand that,'cause it's not like I'm going

to be hiding in a (bleep) bushafter the show.

Nobody's goingto walk outside and hear,

"Psst, I'm over here."