Fidel Castro Dies

November 28, 2016 - Ryan Speedo Green 11/28/2016 Views: 34,492

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro's death prompts lively celebrations in the U.S., and nine days of mourning begin in his home country. (3:26)

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It's time, it's time to talkabout the death

of a major world leaderfrom many decades ago,

viewed by someas a brutal dictator,

and by others as a liberator.

But no matter how you felt,

the world will bea much different place

-without Mrs. Brady.-(laughter)

Also, Fidel Castro died.


Uh, he died after 57 yearsof ruling Cuba.

One of America's biggest enemiesis actually dead.

And despite being what somewould call a heartless dictator,

Castro also did a lot ofgood things for his country.

You know, like fightingto end racial discrimination,

not just in Cuba,but all over the world,

including in South Africa.

And giving all Cubansfree access

to education and healthcare.

So yes, Castro robbed Cubans

of the-the chanceto live free lives.

But at least he made surethat those un-free lives

lasted a long-ass time,you know?

So Cubans in Cuba,and Cubans who escaped abroad,

are both treating his deathas a major event.

Just not exactlyin the same way.

First, we-we're going to Miami.

♪ Buenvenidos.

Uh, just-just roll it,just roll it.

Thousands of Cuban Americanstaking to the streets

after the passingof the dictator.

REPORTER: On the streets of Little Havana in Miami,

they are still celebrating.

REPORTER 2: An absolutely unbridled celebration.

David Begnaud is in Miamiwith more.

David, good morning.

What's happening in Miami?

-(honking, cowbell clanging)-Alex, good morning.

It's been a party sincemidnight. Around 30 minutes

after the news brokefrom the island

-that Fidel Castro was dead.-(honking, clanging continuing)

Okay, cue the honking cars.Okay, now the cowbell.

Okay, we're ready to go live.

This is a good time,this is a good time.

What was he doing?You might as well do your report

in front of the speakersat a Pitbull concert.

I don't knowwhat was going on there.

Now, everyone heard the newsfrom different places.

Personally, I heard the newsfrom the same source

I get all my information.Uh, Donald Trump's Twitter feed.

Uh, he tweeted"Fidel Castro is dead!"

Exclamation point.

I like how Trump tweeted that,he tweeted it

like he did it himself.

That's how he tweeted it.

Fidel Castro, dead!

Like he was senton an assignment to Cuba,

just walked in, he's like...


It's done.

Now, obviously,that couldn't have happened,

because Trump's handscan't reach around a throat.

That's... that's unrealistic.

He probably put his handin the mouth.


The point is Castro ruled Cubafor six decades,

and, uh, as you heard,

many of his peoplehad a real attachment to him,

so the people in Cubaare not taking it

quite as wellas the folks in Miami.

Cuba is beginningnine days of national mourning,

with alcohol sales suspended,shows canceled

and flags flown at half-mast.

That's right--for nine days, no alcohol,

all shows cancelled,and even worse,

all salsa dancers will be mild,not picante.

So maybe Cubanswill never be able to agree

on what exactlyCastro's legacy is.

But whatever it is,it will definitely live on.

His rule of Cuba lasted through11 American presidencies,

seven James Bonds,

and three Mrs. Trumps.

Fidel Castro held on to power

longer than any other

living national leaderexcept Queen Elizabeth.

So you know this weekend,

she must have been like,"Suck it, Castro.

I won, biatch."