Acting Class

Nose Business Like Show Business Season 1, Ep 5 12/16/2013 Views: 1,682

Brody attends an acting class, but he has trouble with some of the techniques. (1:27)

I'm ready to takean acting class.

I said, "Give me the notebook,not a notebook...

"the movie The Notebook."

I want to show Zachthat he can believe in me.

It's not about following yourheart, it's about security.

No, I hate you,you smug bastard!

I hate you, too.

Stomp your foot and say that.Get mad at her.

She's breaking up with you.

This is not keeping yourpromise.

No, do it again. Stomp!

This is not keepingyour promise.

You guys are really just pickingsomething up off a page.

There's no reality in it yet.

Have you had a girlfriend,Brody?


And when you were with her,how did you act with her?

Were you dead quiet like that,and held back?

Probably held back a little bit.

A little, but not as muchas this. Try it again.

And we're gonna have to workat this everyday, because I wantto do that...

because I want you.

I want all of you, forever,every day.

It's not that simple.

What do you want?Damn it!

What do you want?What do you want?

What do you think?



It's a plus if no one sees that.