Justin Willman - Magic vs. Robots

Justin Willman: Sleight of Mouth Season 1, Ep 1 04/06/2015 Views: 1,332

Justin Willman goes head-to-head with a 3D printer to see if man or machine can produce more objects in 15 minutes. (1:55)

(Justin)So you say 3-D printersare the wave of the future?

Yeah, I think so.

Jack, I proposethat I can produce

more objects in 15 minutes

than you can 3-D printin 15 minutes.

Highly doubt that.

Let's do it.

- All right.- Tell me when.

[exhales deeply]I'm just getting limbered up.

Let me go change this.

All right, almost done.

- Ready?- Yeah, I'm ready.

You better 3-D printyour nanny, okay?

'Cause you'regonna be crying.


[printer whirring]

- What's it doing?- Loading up.

Oh, yeah?

One object down.

Two silks, two canes.

Whoa.No silks, two canes.

36 cards, 37 cards...

45 cards.

Fake dove...

another fake dove.

Tissue, tissue, tissue...

You're just wasting tissues.

[exhales sharply]

Real dove.

Perfect.Real dove poo.


45-foot snake.

[snaps fingers, claps hands]That's a female.

Bowling ball, yeah?




Four, three, two, one.

[air horn blows]- Time.

An air horn.

[printer whirring]

So I made 542 cards,several canes,

a whole bunch of scarves,

40-foot spring snake,

two live doves,five live fish,

and a female woman appear.

What'd you do?

- Built this shark.- Built this shark.

That's pretty good.

- Can I have this?- Sure.

You're a worthy competitor.