Exclusive - Roast Battle II: Regionals - The Judges' Turn for Burns - Uncensored

Season 2, 01/05/2017 Views: 2,118

Roast Battle competitors aren't the only ones who can sling sick burns, and judges Jeff Ross, Mike Lawrence and Moshe Kasher prove it when they fire back at comics. (2:04)

- I love the judges, they're the best.

- Very nice, very accurate, everything like that.

- I wish Jeff would've been mean to me,

'cause I would've loved to tease Jeff.

But he's so nice.

- That was awful.

It was like a contest of who could be least awful,

and that in itself, Ifound very entertaining.

- Well, Patrick looks like one of the kids from Stand by Me,

and Shaun looks like the corpse they find.

- The judges were very mean.

Mike Lawrence, mean. Lisa Lampanelli, mean.

Norton, mean. Jay Pharoah, mean.

He hated them all.

- Yeah, I know most of them.

They're a bunch of dicks.

- You said, "yarmulke,"and I was interested.

- Who the fuck is this lesbian? Who?

- Wait, I'm a lesbian, he's a lesbian,

are you sure you know what lesbian means?

It's not just Jewish guy with glasses.

You need to brush up on your Greek.

- Yeah, I mean, it's their job to shit on you.

And that's a bad job to have.

- You're a fucking weirdo,

and that's very obviousjust by looking at you.

- Oh, I know. Oh, I know.

- Very astute.


They're well-qualified for the job.

- I agree.

- The Wheelchair, Greg Walloch.

- Greg, I mean, I don'tlook at you as disabled,

I look at you as able to make people laugh.

So I gotta, I gotta.

- I see both, I see both, but.

- When he said, "Her boobs went different directions,"

I think that was false.

She has great boobs.

- When Metta talks, it's like reading

a Choose Your Own Adventure book.

- They were tough, but fair.

They were like loving, very, very mentally ill parents.

- Yes.

- Now I know why a Puerto Rican would date this girl.

She looks like something you snake

into a car window to jimmy it open.

- I like Jeff Ross.

I don't know why when he talks,

Rosie O'Donnell's voice comes out.

- If you were gonna takeone of these two comics

on one of your world tours,

which one would you take to open for you?

- Brian Moses.

- Great judging.

Really proud of them.