Gabe Liedman & Jenny Slate - Jenny's Screenplay Pt. 1 - Uncensored

The One with the Wedding Stories Season 1, Ep 7 09/11/2014 Views: 9,013

Jenny Slate bravely shares a screenplay that she's written for herself and her best friend, Gabe Liedman. (2:21)

I don't know if you'veever heard that...

but we made up that poem.

We're in a band, I can't saywhat it's called, but we wearlike robot heads.

I don't know,maybe I'm saying too much.

Can you guys cut that out?

It's like, I don't want to saywhat it is, but we're like,"We're up all night to get--"

I don't know, like--

[GABE]Don't say it.No, I won't.

I brought something tonight thatI want to share...

because I feel like we'reon TV and this is my chance.


After tonight,I'm gonna go to bed forever--

Oh, no, you don'thave to do that.

This is a screenplaythat I've written.

That's great, okay.

So, um, yeah, you can unfold it.This is just an inspiration.

What is this?It's an inspiration page.

Okay, so this faces out...And just a little back story.

to inspire you guys.

It's about two young Jewsnamed Gabe and Jenny...Mm-hm. Ooh.

who meet at college, and fallin love forever and arein love forever.

So, it's sci-fi.It's uh--

So, you could readthe part of Gabe Ledman.Okay.

And also do the stagedirection...Okay.

because I'm notoff book for those.Okay.

Exterior, Jenny's house, day...

Gabe walks up to the front doorand rings the doorbell.

Ding dong. Jenny doesn'thear the doorbell...

because she's practicing hercello and it sounds perfect.

Gabe waits patiently for a fewseconds, then rings the bellagain. Ding-dong.

Yah yah yah yoyah yah yo yah.

This time she misses it,because she's vocalizing...

and that weirdly soundsmore perfect.

Gabe rings the bell twice,ding-dong, ding-dong.

Jenny throws away her cello,because she has a millioncellos!

Oh, Gabe, hi.Hi, Jenny, hey.

Sorry, I know I'm a little bitearly to pick you up for ourshow tonight at Meltdown. Ooh.

There's something I reallyneed to tell you.Can I please come in?

Gabe, I hope that's a joke,because all of my friends knowthat I listen to them...

every time they talk to me, andI don't just zone out, becausemy brain is ruined by drugs.

Come on into my home.

Gabe enters the house,taking off his shirt. Ooh.

Maybe I'll keep my shirt on justfor the read, but--

What I have to say is reallyimportant, so maybe you shouldsit down for this.

Mm, I'm not sure where to sit.

Well, maybe you could siton that $1,500 ottoman.

Or maybe that $3,000 loveseat.

I don't know, all your furniturelooks really comfy.

That's true. All of my furnitureis not from the trashin Brooklyn.

There's no bugs in it, or it'salso not from my Nana's house.It's from a store.