Bedtime in Donald Trump's America

January 20, 2017 - Joy Reid 01/20/2017 Views: 38,665

In an ominous bedtime exchange, Desi Lydic tries to talk her young son (and herself) through Donald Trump's nascent presidency. (1:57)

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Now, honey, I know you're scared

about Donald Trumpbeing president,

and you're probably worriedabout a whole lot of things,

but I just want you to know thateverything is gonna be okay.

All right?

Okay. Mmm.

I love you.Good night.

Oh, and to be clear,

Mommy is going to be fine.

All right? I know that I'm awoman living in Trump's America,

but... I'm strong.

All right?

I don't want youto worry about me.

Good night.

Okay. Don't worry.

I mean, then there's the wholething about the Supreme Court.

Look, I'm goingto be honest with you, buddy.

It's not looking good.

He's probably gonna replaceRuth Bader Ginsburg

with Kellyanne Conway. Why?

I don't know. I don't know.

There are no (bleep) rulesanymore.

(laughing):So, just...

We're...but we're gonna be fine.

We're gonna be fine.You and me--

we're going to be okay, right?

Right? Right?

Yeah. Okay.

All right. I love you. Mmm.

All right.I love you.


All right, we're good.


And then there's nuclear war!

He could just dosomething stupid!

We don't know!

It's okay, Mommy.

(crying and whimpering)

Mommy, what's a golden shower?

(laughter, applause)