Steve Rannazzisi - Ridiculously Good-Looking Son

Steve Rannazzisi: Breaking Dad Season 1, Ep 1 09/19/2015 Views: 3,119

Steve Rannazzisi is amazed that his six-year-old son is a good kid because he's insanely attractive -- and he knows it. (1:48)

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My six-year-old's fast.

And he's a good boy too.

He's turned into a really,really good kid.

He's sweet and he's kind,

and he doesn't have to be,

because he'sreally good-looking.


Like, he's, like,'80s bad boy good-looking.

Like Billy Zabka,"Sweep the leg,"

I'm [bleep] badass"good-looking.

"[bleep] yourself. I don'thave to be nice to anybody."

Yeah, he's got thesebig brown eyes,

and he just looks at you

and just melts your heart.

Like, he knowshe's good-looking too.

That's what he does.He uses it to his advantage.

Like, he practices looks.

Like, he'll come into the room

and be like, "Daddy,what do you think about this?"

I'm like, "Buddy,that's a pretty good look."

"Yeah, I know."

Yeah, he practices looksso he can melt our hearts.

And that's the problem,is that I can't discipline him

the way I want to.

Like, I wantto get upset with him

and tell himwhat he's done wrong,

but he just looks at meand just melts me.

The only wayI can describe it is,

imagine you walked inon your wife or your girlfriend

having sex with Ryan Gosling,okay?

You're gonna walk into the room.

You're gonna see hergoing at it with someone.

You'll be like, "Whatthe [bleep]'s going on here?"

And then all of a sudden,

Ryan Gosling'sjust gonna look up at you.

And you're gonna be like, "Dude,

"not cool, but kind ofreally [bleep] cool, babe.

"Holy shit!

"How did you get Ryan Gosling,babe?

"This is nuts.

"All right, you guys finish up.

"I'll be outside,but, like, babe,

"I want the deetson this Ryan Gosling thing.


Yeah, you wouldn't be ableto get pissed.