A Crowded Field of Candidates

Decision 3012 Season 7, Ep 3 06/27/2012 Views: 82,606

In order to get involved in the political process, Leela attends a debate. (0:57)

so I will dispensewith the informal terrorizing

and begin the questions.

Is this thepolitical process?

'Cause I'm here toget involved in it.


Question one:will you pledge today

to somehow reduce taxes

while simultaneously loweringthe deficit?

Hey, that's a good idea. Sure.

If it'll win me the election,then yes.

We have a saying up in Alaska.

That's all.

Senator Travers?

Look, let's be honest here.

No one likes taxes, but they payfor our basic needs:

roads, schools, defense.

If we hope to realize ouraspirations as a great planet,

we must each payour fair share

to achieve those noble goals.


Thank you, Senator.

A thoughtful and lucid answer.

You will be destroyed!